8 Women Share Their Kinkiest Sexual Fantasies

If you think that women don’t have the same dirty fantasies that dudes have, you’re right.
Ours are a whole different breed of nasty.
It’s a true fact that sex-fantasies.html”>fantasizing helps women reach orgasm — some women can even get themselves off through the art of fantasizing alone. We know that being able to conjure up a dirty fantasy has a steamy impact on our solo sessions. So, naturally, us ladies have a few super filthy ones to pull from when we’re rubbing one out.
Don’t believe me? Here’s what eight women had to say about the most off-limits, nasty sexual fantasies they get off to on the regular.
1. Getting Spanked
My dirtiest fantasy is to be dressed like a baby girl with a pretty dress, petticoat, white cotton panties, simple white or pink bra, pigtails, simple makeup and stockings with black patent leather buckle shoes. In this outfit, my partner acts like my inappropriate daddy and punishes me for flirting with the boys on the playground by spanking me through my panties. When he deems that I was punished enough, he soothes my aching boo-boos with his mouth and pleases me with his tongue and fingers. Meanwhile, I act shy and coy, totally irresponsible for what is happening to me, while he has his way with me.
— Roberta, 26
2. Losing My Virginity
I think about what it would have been like to cash my v-card in with someone older and off limits. It’s usually my friend from high school’s dad. He had a vintage Mustang, and in my fantasy he’s screwing me while his wife and my high school buddy are right on the other side of the garage walls. He keeps telling me to keep quiet so that we don’t get caught, which makes the whole thing even hotter.
— Eva, 29
3. Being Degraded
I’m being called a dirty little slut by a man I’m reluctant to sleep with. He tells me over and over again how horny I am for him and he’s right because I get really wet. He teases me relentlessly and makes me say how dirty I am, and it makes me want him so much more.
— Kayla, 23
4. Choking
I’ve had few partners who were willing to choke me to the point that I get most aroused at — probably because it involves them pushing down so hard on my neck that I almost turn blue. But in my fantasy, I have a one night stand that isn’t afraid to push me to my limits and choke me the way that I ask him to. He chokes me while simultaneously gliding in and out of me, slowly, until I come so hard that I almost pass out from pleasure and lack of oxygen.”
— Sara, 31
5. Cheating With His Twin
My husband has a twin who I get along well with. In my fantasy, he tricks me into believing that he’s my husband, taking me from behind so that I can’t tell that it isn’t him. Then my husband walks in and catches us, but instead of being upset he goes down on me while his brother runs his tongue along my nipples until I come so hard.
— Mia, 26

6. Pretending To Be A Prostitute
My dirtiest and probably most embarrassing fantasy is pretending that I’m selling my body for money. It’s always with a man who is older, who hasn’t had sex with his wife in years and is desperate to be touched. He keeps paying me to have sex with him over and over because he finishes so fast each time. He hasn’t been inside a woman in so long that he can’t handle himself anymore, he tells me, as he keeps throwing money at me and begs me to go again.
— Laura, 24
7. Screwing My Dentist
It’s a combination of the fact that my dentist is really hot, and that I get turned on when my mouth is in a little bit of pain. I fantasize about asking my dentist to inject novocaine into my mouth, but when he does I realize that it’s just a placebo, and the pain is still there. I should mention that he’s also boning me while he’s doing this. The guy probably doesn’t have the dexterity to pull this off, but you asked for dirty, right?
— Sabrina, 27
8. Being Tied Up
Not being able to move and being totally submissive to whatever the guy I’m banging is about to do to me almost gets me off just thinking about it. I fantasize about having each of my limbs tied to the four posts on my bed, and being blindfolded and not able to see what’s happening. Then all of a sudden I’m being eaten out and it’s the best ever because it takes me by surprise.
— Carolyn, 29

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