as you overcome the heartache

as you overcome the heartache
it is one of the most painful experiences in life. who love his nachtrauert, suffers from extreme: “it is the most common cause of suicide in adolescents and young adults,” says the emotionspsychologin annette schmitt of the university of oldenburg. but the elderly raises a sudden separation of long-standing partner, often out of the way. but broken hearts a little medicinal phenomenon. what will help with the kisses me and when psychological support is appropriate? we give tips on how you can overcome it.

when it becomes dangerous of anorexia to anxiety and depression – love has many faces. ” it means to manage, made the pain go away, “says schmidt. when disappointments or unfulfilled desires to drive the first roller coaster emotions: grief, anger, hatred, love, uncertainty. many scots from and withdraw into its shell, other forging revenge. temporary those emotions are normal. however, the methods such that each life expires and the alltagspflichten is no longer able to meet, and even to alcohol or drugs, is a professional business. everyday brings distraction “time heals all wounds” that applies to it only right, because there is not a universal cure. long conversations with good friends, sports, reduce stress hormones, distracted by work and activities are the best way to get out of the deep. it is a good idea, the reasons for the separation once again to make it clear that the new situation and to accept. only in this way can we gradually find his self-esteem. the courage to start the psychologist doris wolf (“if the partner’s” pal publisher) in separations is also the opportunity for inner growth and start a new life. many people start in such a situation, your apartment renovate your creativity to make dreams – or at least a haircut. ” from my great pain i’m small songs, “said the poet heinrich heine. women suffer different – and more – than men, men are different with heartbreak than women. sylvia fauck, in hamburg, germany only practice for heartbreak is white: while men, the failure of love as a personal failure and feel much out, looking for women of the blame for the failure of the relationship, mainly for themselves. therefore, women suffer much more: they feel more anger, depression, and self doubt. for men, on the other hand, the theme is often done quickly – they’re just looking for a new partner. small consolation for women: faucks experience through the phases of the replacement of thorough and learn lessons for life.

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