Couple therapist: With this mistake parents destroy their sex life

Couple therapist: With this mistake parents destroy their sex life

Many parents complain about having too little sex after the birth of a child
According to couple therapist Stefan Woinoff, most parents eventually make the same mistake: they no longer call themselves by their first name
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Even if young parents are looking forward to their offspring, many of them are secretly afraid that their sex life will suffer from the offspring.

The couple therapist and relationship expert Stefan Woinoff knows that this fear is not unfounded. But he says: That does not have to be.

► In  his opinion, the relationships of couples with children fail for one reason in particular: Couples begin to consider themselves as parents and no longer as lovers.

Against this background, Woinoff above all warns against a habit:

“I recommend to all parents not to call each other ‘mom’ or ‘daddy’, but the right name. This is the relationship trap number one, “warns the couple therapist.

“Parents organize too much brimstone”
For once couples start not to call themselves by their first names, they fall more and more into the role of parents according to Woinoff. Where this can lead, he regularly experiences in his practice.

“Several years ago, I had conversations with a couple in their mid-forties who had sex the last time they conceived their daughter,” says the couple therapist.

“Upon request, I learned that this daughter was already twelve years old.”

Another cause that causes parents to alienate, according to Woinoff, is that they pay too much attention to their child.

“I think that it is just the young parents with the Brimborium to the child something exaggerated,” says the expert. “In the past, kids just ran along. Now a huge effort is being made around them. “

“Marriage is always a compromise”
The same is true according to Woinoff for sex. Normal sex is no longer enough for many couples.

► “Either, it is made a special event, or sex does not take place,” says the couple therapist.

The conclusion of the couple therapist, which he drew from his work sounds sobering:

“The egg-laying Wollmilchsau, the everlasting, erotically exciting and one hundred percent love, you never get.”

However, through his advice that parents should also consider themselves lovers, couples could make the most of their relationship.

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