distribution: what does that mean?

in order to avoid disputes after divorce, you should before the marriage, a distribution agreement. this is used so that each partner after the separation of his own fortune and not much keeps to the divorced partner must make. the distribution is usually in a specially prepared a written. reasons for distribution in a marriage, especially for people with a lot of money and possessions, it is recommended in the marriage, separation of goods to agree. otherwise, it may happen that only married for money, and soon leave. quite a few women did so for the rest of your life will be. the details can be set individually in each treaty, so that it is also possible that the partners after the divorce, not completely without money position. if the distribution only for large familienbesitztümer how firms and land ownership, it is still possible that the partner from the rest of the assets have been getting. the maintenance of the distribution is not influenced and the partners in a divorce in every case. eltern.t-online.de: marriage license it? these points should be regulated other reasons for distribution in ehevertrag  often found only with the response of the subject distribution out of partners not in itself, but more interested in the money. it is sad, of course, but it’s better if you notice it in time. who here is uncertain, should the topic in time before the marriage. it is no problem for the partner, you can be sure that we really love about get married.

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