dolphin toy

little will require coordinated cooperation strength and feeling like the love game. who does not know the seductive nuts of synapses, when all sense, only want one thing.

what is a dolphin toy?

a dolphin vibrator is a kind of achieve the form of a dolphin. particularly, the curved face is formgebend and ideal according to their fit for optimal stimmulierung. the vibrator only in the form of a dolphin ajar, but otherwise a completely different design, or completely as a dolphin.
vibrator is an electrical device that by its vibration and vibration in all the right places’ effect.

how does a dolphin toy?

the dolphin vibrator can by its characteristic form and its electric vibration generated to an intensified orgasms help. because the bending, it is optimal to stimmulierung the g point.
in his aesthetics convinced the dolphin vibrator and makes you want more. the routes are of quite different nature. like all the other vibrators, the dolphin vibrator vaginal are introduced. for the anal introduction it is only partially, since its constitution was designed originally for the feminine sex organs. also go to the clitoris, the vibrator can successfully be used. this makes it a very versatile toy. its scope extends to the use, therefore, not only in traditional heterosexual relations, but also for the sole use and other beziehungsformen.

special characteristics and differences in detail

the dolphin vibrator are found in various designs. the individual specimens differ in design, color, diameter, shape, gradient, water resistance and the vibration through the levels and intensity can be affected.
the so-called g point to increased lustgewinnung essay can contribute. in this paper, it is a new branch of the vibrator is mounted. this is used mainly for the stimmulierung the clitoris are leading to greater lustgewinnung.

advantages and disadvantages of

dolphin toy the dolphin vibrator can by its form for an ideal stimmulierung. however, this is the anatomical characteristics of the user dependent. not everyone is suitable to this kind of achieve. the Ánatomie can show large differences between individual users and, therefore, the high effect of the curved shape thereto. an optimal nutzungsanatomie for this kind of achieve a maximum effect can be achieved.

the funktionsdauer is dependent on the quality of the power source. normally, it is batteries or rechargeable batteries, only a limited capacity for energy storage, which is applied after a certain period of time. therefore, always in this respect.

however the dolphin vibrator through its diversity in the implementation and visually appealing design.

in comparison with other vibrators, vibrator has the characteristic form of a dolphin (dolphin. that is why he is particularly striking.

material, texture and feel

the product is with its special external characteristics of other products in this category. the surface may be of various materials. the most common are simple plastic, glass and silicon. the surface structure varies in between smooth, genoppt and silikonartig. in the lens can be distinguished between gloss and matt. the comfort is affected by the individual preferences of the consumers.
the choice of whether a specific g point device to be integrated into, depends on the need of user.

the care of dolphin toy

like all the other vibrators, vibrators are dolphin regularly to clean and maintain. in the application of can in the use of condoms are respected, so that the product does not directly come in contact with body fluids or the like. this can facilitate the cleaning, but does not replace completely. the abandoned is the dolphin toy either of hot water and a ph neutral soap or disinfectant to disinfect clean a lot.

in the care is also to ensure that the toy is not my other silikongegenständen is stored, which anlösen each other. it is a shell for each product to use when they are stored together.


a dolphin can contribute to increased lustgewinnung vibrator and the love life itself. it can also hook up sexual interaction.

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