the most beautiful in the world, druckwellenvibrator it no, i don’t write about football. whether alone or in pairs, the liebspiel is as old as mankind itself, and maybe even a little bit older.
in the foreground, a satisfactory lust. today there are toys in almost every front, and for every taste, the mood going.

but everyone had mostly the effect of vibrating stimulation. you’re not a big fan of vibrators and did you ever really make friends with them?

then maybe this is for you, the druckwellenvibrator.

what is the druckwellenvibrator so different?

in contrast to conventional vibrators, stimulates the small machine vibration, but by means of shock wave.

this means in general that any vaginal stimulation, but the device on the clitoris is published.

the mechanism creates a vacuum that a saugbewegung like good sex mimics.

this stimulation, it is possible that very intense orgasms are caused. even within a few minutes.
critics notice here that this part is not so good orgasms, since it is a purely physical reaction is almost a little forced to come along and you must satisfy is missing. here opinions are clearly divided and, probably, it also depends on the circumstances, such as where and when it is applied.

particularly fulfilling the application together with the partner during foreplay.

in a anwendungsstudie from 2013, the 50 subjects participated the teen achieved outstanding results.
80% of the women in the study experienced their orgasm within 3 minutes. about 76% of the orgasm as described “very violent”.

which suggests that the critical voices are not wrong.

73% reported that they had a multiple orgasm and 63% described their orgasm as a completely new feeling.

in this study, 93% of women from the shock wave vibrator again would apply.

and how does that work, exactly?

druckwellenvibrator multiple orgasms without direct contact, through shock wave as it says in the advertising. even orgasmuswunder he is entitled. but what’s really behind this and thinks he really what he promises?

now, without contact, it doesn’t work. the device has a silikonaufsatz with a hole in the middle. this silikonaufsatz is so positioned that the clitoris is directly in the center. it will be held on the device and light pressure, where the head is generated on the vacuum in the end for the stimulation level. the behandlungskopf is available in different sizes so that it best fits each woman without unpleasant to be in.

at present, there are many different types of it services, womanizer, satisfyer and the swedish stragglers lelo.

the patent originates from the company womanizer, the first device of this type on the market. it is also the most expensive equipment of all.

the best teen device, the teen starlet is 69€ and is sort of the handtaschenvariante. all other versions cost over $100, the luxusvariante for glitzerliebhaber lies in this play.

the satisfyer per 2 costs about 40€, there is only one execution simply in a pink golden tint. without additional bells and whistles.

the device of lelo with the name sona is available in two variants, one for 70€ and one for 80€.

no matter what device you ultimately chosen, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

advantages and disadvantages of individual druckwellenvibratoren

the design with the teen has clear advantages, because this is for everybody, from plain to glisten. a clear eye catcher. while the satisfyer in the first moment ohrthermometer can go through, and the lelo sona a simple, simple design is preferred.

price is the satisfyer with 40 $of the clear winner, but also use them. in the volume are the devices all not much, they hum all merrily. with the volume in use will reduce.

the various operating modes of the teen and the satisfyer concerns for variety of soft, super hard.

the lelo sona is here on the extension of the technology, it not only stimulates the clitoris, but by sending out further shocks a holistic stimulation are achieved, which provides for even more moments.

in the cleaning process, the benefit right and satisfyer teen as heads removable and interchangeable, the lelo sona is not possible.

here again, summed up all the advantages and disadvantages of


teen klitorisstimulator per mint.


satisfyer 2 – new next generation

lelo sona

lelo sona 11cm druckwellenvibrator


all three devices can donate pleasant moments. and, the good news is there is no loser.

who are still sceptical is can with a more favourable variant relaxed test if it warm up.

a when is possible with the manufacturers in the new teen wishes to speak against. since the lelo sona to a slightly different frequency is based is a when certainly harder to reach.

despite the simple design is the lelo sona the competition nearly. since the processing just better claims to the device and is also rather on a long-term use is set.

the toys, all three are not to be underestimated.

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