Fifty Shades of Gray – or why the movie is not called “Fifty Shades of Gray”

Fifty Shades of Gray - or why the movie is not called "Fifty Shades of Gray"

Yesterday, as I was so bored with the programs, I saw that “Fifty Shades of Gray” is on Sky Cinema. Since I had nothing better in the past and nothing better was going to happen (yet, certainly), I decided to do this ham for myself. Maybe then I would understand why such a hype about the books and the film is made.

It begins with the main female character, Anastasia Steele (played by Dakota Johnson, a product of the marriage of Melanie Griffith / Don Johnson), meets the male protagonist Christian Gray (who did not previously know) as she interviews her sick roommate must represent for the student newspaper.

Here is also a previously totally inexperienced clear why the part has no German title. The hospital series is not called “gray anatomy”.

When the seemingly gray mouse interviews gray Christian in such a way, rather awkwardly, she studies only literature, this discovers his interest in her.

There are first dates in which he already indicates that he is not quite normal. As it turns out, he is a product of his past. The mother, a fucked up Crackhure (cliche), dies when he is 4. The girlfriend of his adoptive mother abused him at a young age (cliché) and considers him as a sex slave (stereotype). The little Nietzsche in us immediately recognizes that only a dominant and emotionally cold person can emerge, but in return he is very successful in business (cliché). At just 27, he is already a billionaire.

The rest of the movie is quickly told, if you omit the “filling shop”. He deflowers her, skin her ass vigorously, whereupon she leaves him … apparently, but we know, there are still 2 films to follow, the content of which certainly will not show the individual fates of the now separate main actor …

Why is this story so successful now?

Is it because that “Pretty Woman” was successfully adapted to our time? Instead of the blur of the 80s, there is the full sharpness in HD. The graying businessman is called here only and the prostitute is a student … where, if you believe some rumors may ….

Or is it possible here, let’s call her Rita Spierz from Cologne-Nippes, give her dreams of a prince on a white horse helicopter, while her age farting and belching the next defeat of FC and a few bottles of Kölsch pulls on the TV chair?

Or simply because every woman sometimes needs a little bit of hair?

I have no idea! The film is relatively entertaining, the soundtrack bearable and who does not know exactly which cars Audi actually currently has on the market, can develop something. I have seen worse films … a few … few …

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