Five tips for breast leg

Five tips for breast leg

We men love breasts. They come in all sizes and shapes. But admitted: Some breasts are just nicer than others.

Each woman is equipped with a pair of unique breasts that must be caressed in its very special way. Try for example. the approach we provide here. She will really enjoy it, giving you lots of breast leg in the future.

Do not go after the nipple,
just as everything else foreplay is about building a climax. Then start ironing or massage the sides, the bottom and the top of the breasts. Try kissing her in the neck while watching what happens.

Areola is more sensitive than the nipple
Can you feel that she enjoys it? Then proceed to the area, the colored area around the nipple. It is actually even more sensitive than the nipple itself. Especially the top area between kl. 10 and at. 2 over the nipple.

Swipe over it, and touch the volatile nipple as a promise that there will be more.

From the hand and in the mouth
Nus then the nipple, maybe hug it carefully and see how she reacts. Then put it in the mouth, suck it and alternate it alternately.

Pray only if she gives permission.
Resist the temptation of a cheeky little nap in the nipple with the teeth. Ask first. “Harder?” Or “Do I have to sip?”. Some women like a little nap with their teeth. For others it is an absolute turnoff. So better displaysafe.

The less the chest, the more sensitive it is.
Each woman has her own breasts and her own preferences for the caresses of them. Generally, you can expect that the less the breasts, the more sensitive they are. Women with big breasts are about 24% less sensitive to the nipples.

Then adjust your caress to the breast size. Then it can not go wrong.

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