ghosting: go to the bad tour

ghosting: go to the bad tour
just hung in the sky full of violins, it was almost a few. but all of a sudden the new flame out of the dust. without warning, without an explanation, as a ghost, the invisible and fades away. ghosting is a particularly bad thing to separate. unfortunately, the phenomenon is widespread in singles, says paarexperte and author eric hegmann. even in advanced stages of learning. for the abandoned breaks the world together. unexpectedly, the kontaktabbruch. to hurt me is the idea of a public trust and kindness to the away without a word. to understand this is not so easy. for abandoned a traumatic experience it is even worse if a relationship had existed and the partner suddenly disappears. ” it hurts and can severely weaken the self-esteem, “says hegmann. even schockähnliche reactions are possible. in addition, grief and verlustgefühle. without a trace – what is behind it? but what drives people, through the relationship to steal? there are more narcissistic personalities, particularly prior to the reaction of the opposite, to protect, to dive, “says hegmann. they evaluate their own part higher than the pain of others. in addition, “ghosts”  eher avoid confrontation and go direct confrontation to out of the way. there is perhaps, but also afraid of intimacy and responsibility. therefore, the slacker disappears before it gets serious. the abandoned bear no fault. but that is little consolation for you. however, you should remember that it is not they that something isn’t right. you were just unlucky, someone to come, not the heart, an uncomfortable situation with respect to an end. ghosting victims are often women between 25 and 30 ghosting is a breakup method. the men and women dominate. ” however, there is one age group, particularly in the men dive “, know hegmann from his practice.” since women are statistically from about 25 and men today, early to mid 30 commitment which are women from 25 to 30 more frequently than the victims. “
the reason: they are already busy with family planning. and that scares men, the fear of a binding relationship. a sign of lack of respect the nature, secretly from a relationship to sneak in there was certainly too long. however, the disrespectful behavior not nearly as common as it is today. this is because, amongst other things, that nowadays is easy by online dating to meet new potential partners.
for some singles that are developed a sport: it is different people, test it for a while and then tried his luck with someone else. go via email or sms is the a variant. in addition, a convenient method, rapidly and without discussion, from the affair to ziehen.  “wipe out” principle that ghosting colors relations in the age of facebook, what’s app and co. has increased, hegmann confirm. ” my impression is that many people think that the internet with wipe & amp; way like dating apps began, not style needs to be stopped, “the expert. recent surveys showed that in younger age groups have received, by sending a text message to break up. however, it should not forget, says: “hegmann two dates are not heiratsversprechen and no obligation. it’s all about the questions: we are friendly and we want to see you again. “if you have the feeling that it doesn’t fit with at least a message appropriately. as ghosting victims with the humiliation but how to deal ghosting victim behavior? the answer is simple: when the flame from the dust does not adhere to the agreements made, and calls are ignored, there is only one: find the coward person to confront him like that. this is important for their own self-esteem, and helps the apparent disrespect to process. tell the other how unfair it is easy to disappear. every person, who is looking for love, and believes that these have found at least deserves a brief, honest explanation as to why this is a failure.
sometimes it helps to know that your flame has also been in the past “geghostet”. this is at least aware that there is nothing to his unfair behaviour had contributed.

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