hormonspritze: effects and risks

more and more women hormonspritze is a serious alternative for the prevention. this will give you all the ten to twelve weeks of specific hormones, ovulation. the cost is relatively low, the risks and side effects has been sufficiently explored. hormonspritze versus pill, the pill has its pitfalls: first, they must take the tablettenkassette everywhere and, secondly, the dosing schedule should not be ignored. it is therefore not surprising that the hormonspritze as a contraceptive for many women very comfortable appears: a brief pinch the obstetrician, the prevention for three months is secured. quite simply, the bill does not, because, of course, this method also has drawbacks. particularly critical the aftermath: even if you have the hormonspritze permanent discontinuation, the cycle only after one to two years, normal. accordingly, the hormonspritze is not in question, if you in the near future, with the theme of family planning to address. side effects in the reactions is the hormonspritze note is not much different than the anti baby pill. in the majority of treated women, there are so-called spotting, sometimes even 12 months after the last injection. in case of prolonged use, it may continue to be a complete absence of menstruation. leidgeplagte with strong menstruationsschmerzen rejoice over this effect, so that the hormonspritze in addition to preventing treatment is used. in the case of a rare nichtverträglichkeit is, however, the problem that the hormonspritze not overnight can be disposed of. on the contrary, the repeated treatment over a longer period of time and then „schleichend “be discontinued.  

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