How To Make a Girl Orgasm – a Bomb-Proof Manual

How To Make a Girl Orgasm - a Bomb-Proof Manual

How To Make a Girl Orgasm - a Bomb-Proof Manual

It is difficult for you to bring your partner to orgasm  ?

“How do I give a woman breathtaking and satisfying sex? ” Many People asked.

You do not know exactly what you should do, but you really want to rock your life?

Bingo, my dear! You landed on the right side.

There are some principles of female sexuality, if you stick to them, the female orgasm is not that hard to reach.

In this article I will describe three  principles in detail. Also, I’ll explain how you use them in practice.

And not only that! The article also contains all the important information about techniques that are important for female orgasm. Whether during intercourse or oral sex.

Some women almost come by themselves after a few minutes. Others, on the other hand, need perfect “conditions” and plenty of time to reach orgasm. If you have a girlfriend and would like to bring this to orgasm, then you can also read the article “My girlfriend is not coming – the only sensible solution”.

Below we just assume that we are talking about a woman who does not come to orgasm easily. After all, that’s probably your problem.

Two things in front:

First, many men and counselors focus heavily on techniques and postures to bring the woman to orgasm. For example, you might want to find the G-spot , or stimulate the deep spot or special erogenous zones.

However, this is the wrong approach!

A woman is not a machine where you just have to press the right buttons to get the result you want! The sexual pleasure as well as the orgasm of a woman arises about 70% in the head  (rough guide value for illustration)!

Only 30% is what you do with your penis. I know, that may be hard to believe at first, but believe me: it is so!

The best way to bring women to orgasm reliably is via mental stimulation . We focus on the most important mental aspects first. Then I go into techniques and positions.

And second, even though we’re talking about the “goal” of bringing a woman to orgasm, it’s important to understand that you should not actively pursue this goal at all costs during sex. Because that puts you and your partner under subconscious pressure.

Learning to bring a woman to orgasm also has a lot to do with learning not to view orgasm as the ultimate goal in sex. I will take a closer look at this during the course of the article.

All right, let’s go!

The 3 principles for safe orgasm



To experience true sexual fulfillment culminating in an orgasm, a woman must be able to drop.

She has to be fully in the moment and can not think of anything more than what she is doing right now! For this to work, she must be relaxedand able to feel comfortable in the situation .

This is an absolute prerequisite that most men like to ignore.

Women have a very lively and active world of thought! Often it is difficult for them to turn off these thoughts easily. Also during sex.

If your partner, who is not so easy to satisfy anyway, is only half her attention to having sex with you, then surely it will not be orgasmic.

Only when your partner is completely relaxed, lets herself fall completely and just enjoys the present moment , will it work with the climax.

You set the base here.

It is important to understand: This is the most important part on the way to Climax!

Well, what can you do so that she can completely drop herself?


The Atmosphere

To be able to drop well, a woman must feel comfortable .

There are three important factors to this:

  1. How does she feel about you ?
  2. How does she feel with herself ?
  3. The external conditions.

Make sure you both have fun and be easygoing and open-minded .

Also make sure that nothing stands between you and you are as familiar as possible. If you have a good line, that’s extremely helpful in terms of her orgasm.

Even with long-term partnerships, this point should be given attention.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does she feel well in my presence?
  • Is she completely herself?
  • Am I completely myself?

If you can answer all questions with yes, then she should feel comfortable with you and the situation .

Bonus: You can also provide perfect conditions:

  • Dimmed light
  • Warm room temperatures (women are always freezing)
  • beautiful music
  • pleasant smell
  • A nice massage during the foreplay.

Sure, not every woman needs it all ! But if you want to go for sure, then it pays to start here.

Lead The Situation Authentically 

A confident man’s guidance in sex is not only very exciting for women, but also helps them to open up, to feel feminine and to let themselves go.

Women are in bed when you can take the lead and know where to go. It also helps them to relax when they do not have to make decisions.

You can focus on the moment better and more intensively.

Take Her Physical Insecurity 

Women are very concerned about their appearance . Especially during sex.

At the present time, it is not easy for a woman to accept her body exactly as it is. Far too much, femininity in the media is reduced to perfect, slim, young women’s bodies.

It makes it difficult for a woman to feel comfortable with her physical “weak spots” when she only sees “perfect” looking women on TV, music videos, commercials and in the cinema every day. 

During sex, however, every little flaw comes to light!

… “What does my stomach look like in this position?” …

… “How does my butt act in this light?” …

… “Does he even attract me?” …

These are normal questions many women face during sex.

These thoughts distract your partner from the essential . You want her to focus fully on the moment and the experience. However, if she feels uncomfortable with her body, it will be hard to orgasm.

So make sure that she can feel comfortable with herself.  Take away the fear that you could critically eye her!

On the one hand, you can do this with honestly meant compliments. However, the best way to communicate to her by the way she deals with her body is to accept her body as it is.

Show yourself open and curious and explore your body with a sincere affection. Show her that you desire her from top to bottom, 

The Right Foreplay

The prelude is of insane importance to women.

Have you heard a thousand times, I know! However, foreplay is not equal foreplay and because many men still screw up a lot here, I want to sharpen your focus again.

I give you the two main reasons for the meaning of foreplay:


The female arousal takes much longer to build up than the male. So pay attention to a long and intense foreplay that really gets you going. Only go to sex when you realize that she is already very excited. A good foreplay can take 15-30 minutes.


In the prelude, you also do something very crucial: you make sure that she comes out of her head and into her body ! Again, it is important that you take a lot of time. Use many gentle touches and caresses on the whole body . So you are gradually eliminating all everyday thoughts from your mind.

This is the perfect prerequisite to bring her to orgasm later .

Let Yourself Fall As Well!

How To Make a Girl Orgasm - a Bomb-Proof Manual

You want your partner to drop? Then you have to drop yourself! And that’s not as easy as it sounds.

Most men can become very bitter during sex. They put themselves under pressure to perform, they really want to perform great! They want to impress, they want to last a long time and force the female orgasm often formally!

In other words, you do not let yourself fall!

But women have very subtle antennas for recognizing how you feel. Women have the natural gift of being able to read men extremely well. Evolutionarily, that makes sense.

You therefore recognize it when you are undecided! And why should they drop if their partner does not?

The sex will be so superficial – and the orgasm moves into the distance, because:

Your lack of relaxation is transferred to your partner.

Do not make that mistake. Relax and just let yourself in for the moment. Do not try to accomplish anything and do not think so much!  Incidentally, this is one of the most important prerequisites for intense and better sex at all!  If this is difficult for you and you have pressure to perform or even fear of failure while having sex, then take a look at the Alona Magic Huge Realistic Dildo Vibrator” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>AlonaMagic Big Boss Realistic Vibrator !

Forget Her Orgasm

Yes, that’s right! If you’re just trying to make her come, she’ll notice it right away!

Your partner then feels under pressure and thinks it is now expected of her orgasm. And at that moment, of course, nothing works. Because pressure is the biggest pleasure killer!

For a woman, having an orgasm is like remembering a name on her tongue: the more she thinks about it, the harder it gets to get it.

This is so, so important!

The best sex tip I can give you is: Give your partner the feeling that you have all the time in the world . Give her the feeling that the way is the goal and not the orgasm.

You can even tell her things like:

“Hey, let’s just fuck it today, without any orgasm!”

I bet you every bet: she will be able to enjoy sex much more and the likelihood that she will come will be greater!


Build Sexual Tension

How To Make a Girl Orgasm - a Bomb-Proof Manual

The so-called “teasing” is when it comes to bring your wife to orgasm, your best friend!

This is about arousing special expectations in your partner and increasing her desire for it. You do not satisfy this desire immediately, but you hold it and you do not immediately give her what she wants .

Example complacent?

Let’s take oral sex in foreplay:

The moment you go down with your head down, she knows that you’re about to lick her.

She will look forward to it and yearn for it.

But you do not fulfill your wish.

You begin to occupy yourself with the insides of her thighs and only gradually move closer and closer to her pleasure center. While her anticipation continues to increase, you spoil extensively the area around her vagina. By the time you approach her labia and then start to lick it slowly and extensively. Bit by bit, you are getting closer to her Clitoris and increasing her yearning for your oral stimulation to the limit. Only when her desire is at the zenith do you fulfill her wish.

This slow  build-up of intensity not only makes her mad with lust, but also builds up massive sexual tension in her.

Why is that important?

The greater the sexual tension in a woman, the more likely this tension will discharge in an orgasm.

You can apply this principle in various areas:

With the nipples, with the first kiss, the first kiss of her neck and, of course, the first penetration with your penis.

Give her just piecemeal. Hold her down. Increase your anticipation . And finally, deliver her very, very late, when she is already at the zenith of her excitement.

The more tension you build up, the faster this tension will be discharged later. And in the form of an orgasm.

In this way, I have brought women to orgasm with only one push.

So, if you have a partner that is very difficult to satisfy, then play this game in the immeasurable.


Mental Stimulation

How To Make a Girl Orgasm - a Bomb-Proof Manual

How to make women most comfortable in bed?

This is a point where many men are struggling.

The focus is far too often on the actions with the penis, so on the physical stimulation! The stimulation of the mind is often neglected.

Ask yourself the following question:

“Why is sex better and more exciting for a woman than masturbation with a vibrator (that’s the perfect size, that can vibrate and that she can move just the way she wants it)?”

Just think about it …

Here is the answer: because of YOU!

Having sex with YOU is mentally arousing . That does not provide any sex toys in the world! If the woman just wanted physical stimulation, she would be better served with a vibrator than with you – no offense!

Next question:

Why do we look at masturbating porn?

The answer is again: to mentally stimulate us !

This mental stimulation during sex is YOU ! Mental stimulation is your main advantage! It is what makes sex unique and irreplaceable!


Your partner may not come to orgasm because you neglect the mental stimulation.

Apart from that, mental stimulation also makes orgasm much more intense and powerful !

Of course, there are many different ways to mentally stimulate a woman. Here is what you can do:

Sexual Dominance

For the vast majority of women, the sexual dominance of a man is very, very exciting. They want to be taken hard and dominated by a self-confident man.

Sexual dominance is the presumed strongest source of psychic arousal for a woman.

If you have little experience with sexual dominance, first focus on taking the  lead in sex  and  acting confident . That’s very exciting for her!

In general, however, it is a certain process to radiate an authentic sexual dominance during sex. It requires mutual trust, self-confidence, the ability to drop and a close connection to one’s own male needs.

Show Excitement

Women love to see how horny they make you! Women  want to be able to fulfill your desire for them!  That excites her enormously mentally!

Your partner wants to feel that she is the only one you want right now!

Give her that feeling!

Do not break yourself! Dare to be unrestrained .

Of course only do it if you really feel like it. Do not be inauthentic.

Unfortunately, most men think they are embarrassed if they let themselves go. Believe me when I tell you: It’s not like that. Women long for it.

This is a great way to bring so much more fire into the love act. And if you dare to let more go, she will continue to dare herself.

Dirty Talk

Mental stimulation at it’s best!

And if you can do it: your (and her) gateway to bliss .

Women have a very strong sexual fantasy and can unbelievably unravel sex during their fantasies.

Therefore, most women are extremely susceptible to “ dirty” words 

With the right words you can catapult their excitement during sex to the moon and bring them to orgasm in no time. Important, however, is your authenticity.

If you do not have much experience with dirty talk, feel free to zoom in!

Techniques and positions

How To Make a Girl Orgasm - a Bomb-Proof Manual

If you only want to bring your partner to orgasm, you do not necessarily have to switch between many positions.

Also, you do not need fancy positions from the deepest depths of the Kamasutra. The most common positions are common for a good reason.

Missionary position, doggy-style or riding position .

That’s basically all you need for orgasm.

Note: Here, the female preferences vary a lot! There are many women who can get along much easier in one position than in another. Should you be unsure here, I recommend you: Just ask her!

Do not ask her during sex. That will put them under unnecessary pressure.

Wait for an opportunity in a relaxed atmosphere. For example, if you had good sex and lying in bed together.

In general, it is beneficial if you stimulate your G-spot . You always do that best when your penis tends to push towards the abdominal wall. Do not make this endeavor the center of your efforts!

It also helps women when their clitoris is stimulated at the same time .

Be very tender with her here. Use a lot of spit and start with little pressure and see how she reacts. The clitoris is different from woman to woman sensitive.

If in doubt, ask them to do it themselves during sex.

Overall, I advise you not to focus too much on any techniques. For two reasons :

If you concentrate too much on techniques, it takes you out of the moment! You then think too much during sex and that robs sex of intensity and emotionality that are important for orgasm.

In addition, the orgasm arises as I said in the head. If you are able to mentally stimulate your partner and make sure that she can fully relax, most of the techniques are mostly obsolete.

Slow Intensity Buildup

It is important that you do not give full throttle from the beginning or the intensity increases too fast . The female arousal takes much longer than the male to build up.

Give your partner time and save the “full drone” for the end.

If possible, use your whole body when bumping   and do not be too squeamish. Women get very mentally excited when they feel a lot of friction between their bodies. And most will love it when your tight bumps make their whole body move and they feel your power on their body.

Become  faster and faster with time . When you realize that your partner is starting at one point

  • to moan louder
  • to breathe harder
  • to tackle you
  • or to forgive her face,

then you can assume that she is slowly approaching the climax. Then the orgasm is not far away.

Just continue with what you are doing at the moment.  Only increase the intensity.

In other words, maximal physical and mental stimulation.

This will make sure you push her over the edge and give her a great orgasm.

Note: There are two types of women when it comes to being close to orgasm:

  1. Women who want to have EXACTLY the stimulation you are giving them. That means for you: do not get faster, do not slow down, do not distract anymore,  just keep going .
  2. Women who are in this moment horny to get the full roar from you. Means for you:  increase intensity  and get faster and heavier.

Bring women to orgasm through oral sex

When oral sex you can bring your partner clitorally to orgasm.

One thing in advance:

For most women, the vaginal orgasm through intercourse is much more intense and more desirable!  It covers the entire body (and is therefore  described by many women as  whole body orgasm).

The clitoral orgasm, however, is often described as a regional orgasm, that is, he plays  only in the genital area of  the woman. In addition, during the licking,  little psychic stimulation  can be generated.

But the clitoral orgasm is  easier to achieve  than the vaginal. If vaginal orgasm does not make it through sexual intercourse, this is one way your partner can still orgasm.

At first, build up a lot of sexual tension during oral sex as described in the chapter “Building Sexual Suspense”. And then increase the intensity when licking analogous to the chapter “increase intensity slowly”.

As far as technology is concerned, the tastes are of course different. I have the experience that extremely many women  find the  “windshield wiper” movement very cool. To be more specific, I have not found a woman who did not like this:

Use the back of your tongue and drive like a windscreen wiper sideways from left and right over her clit.

Again, it is important: As soon as you realize that it is approaching the climax: simply continue “stupid” and change nothing more.

Last but not least, you can also bring your partner to orgasm with your fingers. 


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