Long down the throat – on film and in reality

Long down the throat - on film and in reality

Long down the throat and so-called gagging is a hardcoreoral genre, many men turn on, but not everybody has the opportunity to grow – in addition to movies. For the partner, it should also be the case.

“I love the feeling you get when you’ve been down for a while and then pull it out … all the fog, eyes and nose are running and I’m always a little breathless. It does not sound particularly exciting when you explain it, but the feeling goes right in the panties, says Petit, Danish pornist Elvira Friis after recording the porn scene “BJ Gagging.”

The sexy blonde tries a lot of effort, which really gives her tears in her eyes, and during the seasons, neither saves nor spies sparingly.
Long down the throat - on film and in reality
How long and thick your penis than is according to the measuring tape, it means that most of the men feel that the partner’s eyes and body are at least big enough – and sometimes even a little too big. There only booster one’s manners further.

Why just the oral sex genre gagging, where the woman gets so many centimeters of the sausage in her mouth that she is almost kidding in it, many men turn on.

But it’s far from everyone who has the opportunity to grow it. Not everybody likes to get the penis so far down the throat that it’s bound to throw up.

Gagging King Rocco
But fantasizing about deep into the throat and gagging, you can always do that – and so do not grow the genre by watching porn. Among others, the giant Italian Rocco Siffredi is known and notorious for his passion for just gagging, where it’s always him who controls 100 percent how deep the penis is to be dipped.

But before you and your boyfriend at home straight away throw you over the genre, remember that movies are movies – and no-one who makes porno is forced to do that. Then the gagging experience is just too much and / or too uncomfortable and cross-border for her, so obviously you should stop.

No kind of sex must end in abuse.

No, then, if nothing else for a start, you as a receiving party should try you a little carefully. Both women and men can do with eg a suitable dildo, where you can manage the show yourself. Whereupon the man with his penis later may come when and if at one point you are ready and ready enough for a game seriously far down the throat.

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