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sex is sensual and something very special. erotic sex toy itself with a treat, is now a good tone. the vibrator in the lucky game with the partners involved is also good etiquette. the vibrant world verwöhnender sex toys is varied and colorful. she has to be. finally, it wishes, fantasies and secret sex dreams into reality. vibrators are there in myriad forms, colors, designs, funktionsfähigkeiten and and and. a special vibrator is the naturvibrator. he enjoys equal popularity with female as male. because he is so nice and easy gefühlsecht real vibrating delight in wet lustgrotten.

what is a naturvibrator

the naturvibrator remains faithful to his name naturvibrator. he is very naturally and in the form of material, such as feeling. a naturvibrator is ergonomically based on a real penis; with all its subtleties, veins and special properties. there is also strong, sensual acorn like soft, tender hodensäcken. so the naturvibrator even more natural, therefore, it is usually available in colors. but also in the quietschigsten pitched as the colours of the rainbow are now possible. the classic naturvibrator is the penis in shape, form and color matches.

how does a naturvibrator

… well as any other vibrator and also penis too. the vibrator with its natural phenomenon normally has as diverse and variable functions and settings, like his other vibrating kind. in its form, “he is not only a penis shaped. the vibrating naturpenis is characterised by a particularly rich formvielfalt. thick thin. small. big. all combinations. just like real life, the man is so different and different, the choice of the naturvibrator. this makes the natural vibrator to a variety of sex spielpartner.

the vibration is, of course, an extra plus that rarely a real penis can bring with it. in addition, it promises a tingling sensation and sexual experience. if, then, the fine veins of the eichelkopf nice time with pulse, one begins to drop “.

this is the naturvibrator especially

what makes him put on his behalf. with the naturvibrator who goes to bed, is, of course, and gefühlsecht filled and being pampered. therefore, especially in material processing insisted that the naturvibrator not only feels real and, of course, but just as real, and, of course, vaginal, anal, and acne.

particularly refined naturvibratoren have different vibrationselemente so that glans, penis and testicles, which can be controlled independently of each other. for example, only the glans of the clitoris liebkosend vibrate, while the rest of the naturvibrators to silence. the clitoris so sharp, can further vibrationselemente are turned on and the naturdildo to juchzenden peak into the wet column are introduced.

advantages of natural and penis vibrator

the naturvibrator boasts its naturalness. he’s a real penis in its elevated sensitivity … modeled and that you can feel if we also with a naturvibrator really spoil.
naturvibratoren are available in different finishes and lots of extras, so additional clitoris or analstimulatoren attached, so that not only ‚einseitig‘ orgasm vibrates.
to such vibrators are well in hand. after all, you are their natural counterpart at the next … modeled and in the form of like material. it is often used as the material of silicon. it has a similar structure to that of human skin.

compared with other products.

naturvibratoren are just another segment of the many vibratorenarten, today, for the personal happiness and glückserleben on the market to buy. they will satisfy the need for special gefühlsechter satisfaction. who is the naturvibrator concerned, to create the best conditions for good and erlebnisechtes visual … and this is, after all, is the best condition for a fulfilling sexual experience, or not?

the maintenance of a naturvibrators

also in the care differ naturvibratoren from their brethren. the material is processed such that it is mild on skin and hygienically. there must use only sufficient hot water cleaning and washing. with some special reinigungsseife can purposefully help. in general, however, this is not necessary.
per detailgetreuer a naturvibrator was modeled as ‚aderreich‘ he is, of course, must be carried out with particular care and cleaning, so that no hidden corners to be forgotten. finally, the sexual pleasure, the next time a horny, but also clean. dirty is only the imagination. but the naturvibrator.


naturvibratoren are an excellent alternative to the classical vibrator. they promise a particularly gefühlsechtes experience and feel, male, huge, vibrating bursts in the vaginal empfindsamkeitsbereich … and so they should. they should stimulate and arouse forgotten emotions. this time, too. that’s why you are so popular among the vibrators … and they have so many different versions and funktionsumfängen. it’s just fun with a naturvibrator in other sexual dimensions to vibrate and stimulated. gefühlsecht. special and beautiful.

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