online divorce: is it without a lawyer?

divorce will now also performed online. but it is in the future without a lawyer and hearing? unfortunately, it is not required that the former partner to the final trial appear in person, and at least one of the two married a lawyer to assist in divorce proceedings in takes. divorce without a lawyer’s dream has repeatedly announced that it will in future also be online divorce, without the guidance of a lawyer living in reality, this is still not feasible. although couples, if they agreed to divorce, the necessary documents, including on-line without lawyer is still not. the court, in which the divorce “, in germany is still required. watch offers on the internet good lawyers offer a free initial consultation by telephone. because there are great differences in the quality of the online lawyer, you should continue to carry out a comparison of several lawyers before you decide. there are opinions from other clients may be helpful for their decision. a good lawyer is in fact somewhat less effective, since this work and for more benefits from the divorce can achieve. if you are in internet search, offer many pages offers like “divorce from 49 eur” or similar. this is a german, of course, nothing to do with reality. especially, when the divorce is complicated situations, personal advice for the lawyer is still the better choice.

Author Since: Jul 26, 2018