Oralsex: 7 Tipps von Sextherapeuten, wie ihr eine Frau zum Orgasmus bringt

Oralsex: 7 Tipps von Sextherapeuten, wie ihr eine Frau zum Orgasmus bringt

  • Oral sex can be an incredible experience – if the partner knows what he is doing.
  • Sextreaters have given us tips on how to make cunnilingus a satisfying experience for both partners.
  • In the video above: These are the three secrets for great sex in a long lasting relationship.

You lick her, make her french, have cunnilingus, oral sex – whatever you call it: sex in this way has the potential to be intense and pleasurable for your partnerin. As long as you have the right information.

We’ve asked sex educators and therapists to share their best oral sex advice with us – to make the experience beautiful for everyone involved.

(Note: Remember, these are general tips.) As with any sexual experience, it’s best to talk to your partner about what he likes or dislikes, and that advice is for everyone – no matter what gender – the genitals have identified as female.)


1. Be patient

It takes time to bring  woman to orgasm . Especially when it comes to oral sex. Focus on a slow preliminary work, perhaps with a body massage. Then you can give your full attention to the clitoris – because most women need to be stimulated to get an orgasm .

 Stay with the clitoris and use a movement that your partner enjoys, ” says  sex  educator and author Gigi Engle of HuffPost. “You can either ask her or pay attention to the reaction of her body. Try circles, move your tongue up and down or back and forth. “

Engle adds, “Once you find out what works best, continue with it until it comes.”

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2. Use your hands

Your tongue is a fantastic tool, but the key to great oral sex is in your hands – literally. If you lick your partner, you can improve your tongue action by using your hands to stroke her clit, play with her labia, or finger her. Of course you can also use sex toys .

“So many people hear ‘oral sex’ and think they can only use their mouths,” says sex therapist Vanessa Marin . “But your mouth can get very tired very quickly. Using your hands can boost your climax, twice or even three times – and can give your mouth a break if you need it. “


3. Ask her what she wants before oral sex

Mind reading is overrated. The best way to find out what a woman wants in bed is simply, ask her. Too much chatting in bed may not seem exactly sexy, but your commitment to having your partner have a good time will definitely be appreciated. Promised.

“Thinking about her pleasure and being ready to do what she needs to orgasm will put her in the right mood for the climax,” says Engle. “Whatever she likes, do it!”

Sex pedagogue Ericka Hart recommends to check before, during and after sexagain and again, if you are on the same wavelength.

“Maybe your partner will ask you not to speak – but at least that’s how you knowyou want it,” she says.


4. Do not forget the Labia

The clitoris deserves your attention, no question, but do not underestimate the other parts of the female anatomy – like the labia.

In fact, they are often neglected. But that should not happen, because there are many nerve endings.

“Do not forget the Labia, they can also be very responsive to touch,” Hart explains. “In addition, you should ask your partner if she likes it, if you stimulate her vaginal opening or not.”

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5. Be enthusiastic

If you see oral sex as a chore, your partner will definitely notice that – and that in turn can tear her from the moment. Especially for women, it is important to be in the right state of mind in order to feel pleasure – relaxed, confident, not too tired.

 Many people, especially women, are inhibited when they have oral sex, ” says Marin, founder of the “Finishing School,” an online orgasm course for women.

“If you manage to show your partner that you are really pleased to satisfy her orally, and not just make it easy because you feel like you’re expected, the level of her lust will be higher. “


6. You do not always have to stop after the first orgasm

An orgasm is great, two are fantastic. Keep in mind that the clitoris can be very sensitive after an orgasm, so do not try to bring your partner to climax again. Try to put the focus first on less sensitive places.

“It’s better to circle the clitoris for a few minutes before you make full contact with her again,” advises Engle. You can lick her labia, the rest of her vulva and other erogenous zones – her nipples, for example. “

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After giving the clitoris some time to recover, you can prepare for round two. When your partner stands on it, you can gently clasp her hands to stabilize her body so she can absorb all sensations. If she does not feel comfortable with this restriction, you should respect that as well.

“Falling into this pleasure can be challenging for some women,” says Engle. “We women were not taught to see our own lust as a priority. Getting them to open and keep quiet might also lead to gentle and easy bondage . That alone can be very hot. “

7. How about a little buzz?

Buzzing as you lick your partner can create a very pleasant and exciting feeling, says Patricia Johnson, author of Designer Relationships: A Guide to Happy Monogamy, Positive Polyamory, and Optimistic Open Relationships . 

 Huming creates vibration that resonates with your partner’s genitals, ” says Johnson. “You become a human vibrator yourself. It may take a bit of practice, but it may turn right. “

The text was originally published by  HuffPost USA  and has been translated and adapted by Martina Zink.

In addition, Marin also recommends that you compliment your partner on her body and mention how much it turns you on when you are allowed to lick her.

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