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partnervibrator you want with your partners, a common orgasm experience, but you have difficulties? how about some help? women are like a vibrator masturbation, why the friend not to have sex with your partner to bring? vibrators are in a great variety on the market, and now in every size, shape, and also in various materials available. for those who fancy love even in wood and metal. the masturbation, there are many ways to get a fabulous orgasm, this is not only restrict the masturbation.

many women find it difficult to orgasm during sexual intercourse without additional stimulation to come. the sole penetration by the penis is usually not. since clitoral orgasm is more easily achieved as a vaginal, the clitoris is often encouraged. for suitable positions like the doggy style. or you for someone who you touch you during the intercourse.

who not always yourself, but rather from the partner can be intensively treat is a paarvibrator an ideal opportunity. a paarvibrator stimulates not only the vagina, but also to the penis, so both the ideal lusterlebnis.

but what is a paarvibrator?

partnervibrator the name itself is quite self explanatory. you have to love a vibrator with you with your partner or your partner spoiled. the paarvibrator stimulates both and thus ensures an optimal pampering.

very popular is the we vibe 4 plus with steuerungsapp. the c shaped vibrator is the woman met. he is the woman wearing and stimulated with his 10 vibrationsprogrammen both you and him. the narrow part is in the vagina is introduced (he stimulates the g point), while the width of the labia and clitoris can be accessed. you can use the vibrator alone, or together with your partner. is he as you we vibe 4 plus used in you, is the penis of the vibration stimulus. the vibration can be controlled using the manual, which you and your partner gives you alternating. you can also the app and the pre store vibration use.

the couples with a paarvibrator of lovers dream, is also a lot of fun during sex. he is a very versatile use, for both the woman and the man. you can take the short, heart-shaped part introduction, then the longer part in your vagina, and labia and clitoris stimulation. for internal stimulation, and also that the penis more vibration can feel your partner, are you the longer part and leaves the heart on the clitoris cushion. another great advantage, it can not only use klitoral and vaginal and anal. would you like to be pampered, anal, you just turn the vibrator.
with three engines, five and three speed vibrationsstufen spoiled the couples with you and your partner can, thanks to its waterproof material in the bath use.

note, however, that he would rather for most women is likely if you’re very closely, you should purchase and the selection of the sextoys is taken into account.

if your vagina is tight and you tend to have less experience have recommended the doppio paarvibrator of beauments. like all other paarvibratoren, you can of course use it alone. with its ergonomic design, it can be very versatile to be used. the vibrator has a flexible, pinzettenähnlich hands, you could implement, but also excellent for stimulating of nipples, clitoris, testicles and penis are suitable. during the sexual intercourse can be borne by him, which not only stimulates the penis and testicles, but also of the clitoris.

the toy has three engines, 2 to the top and a wider end, which you with 2 controllers could operate. you should but prior to the act of the management knowledge, no unpleasant surprises later experience.

if you and your partner are very innovative, and a lot of trial, is suitable for you, the transformer of picobong. it consists of two vibrators are connected via a link. here are the imagination has no limits. he’s anal and vaginal use, if you want, even at the same time. you can also introduce an end and the other on your clitoris, or spoil his testicles. the vibrator’s g-spot stimulator, prostate stimulator, few toy, solo toy, life, internal or external vibrator. he transforms himself into everything what you want and then, because it is waterproof, also in bath or shower with them.

for sextoys silicon, it is very important that you wasserbasiertes lubricant use. the cleaning is soap and warm water. if you want to disinfect your toy, you can use a toy cleaner. put your toy after cleaning, good dry, so the next game of love, whether alone or in pairs, in order.

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