the extra fancy effect with pearls

perlenvibrator it an incredible number of vibrators is well known. it is not the same vibrator vibrator. the variations can be targeted with specific preferences or desires. the perlenvibrator especially should be mentioned. this is a great design for special lusterlebnisse. what his secret is and how he’s doing this, you’ll know this info guide.

what are the perlenvibrator so special?

in principle, the perlenvibrator looks almost like a “normal” vibrator, with the difference that this usually a penis shape. at the point where the real penis foreskin, but one or more of perlenringe processed. these make for a particularly strong feeling, if you perlenvibrator einführst in your vagina.

and what exactly is a perlenvibrator?

this kind of vibrator imitates the male penis in an erect state, the movement almost accurately mimic. the focus of the development was on the naturalness and feels the experience with the perlenvibrator almost real.

however, this variant with beads than the male member in an important and pleasure producing point. where the real penis foreskin is the reclusive, here are rings of pearls in order. the metal spheres rotate in different directions and provide for previously unknown hochgefühle of lust.


in addition to the beads, some models have a small zusatzarm. this stimulates your clitoris while you continue, the perlenvibrator in your vagina is unprecedented ecstasies. the natural form of the super penisses and pearls, behind the natural end of work, can this vibrator to enable you in delight.

his breakthrough was the perlenvibrator in accordance with a „gastauftritt “in the hit sitcom sex and the city in the 1990s. this is the good part of the series to a friend borrowed the ceased to want to leave the house because of the arts of the perlenvibrators. a number of other sizes of the director praised mega toy and even went as far as him as the rolls royce of sex toys “.

the characteristics of the perlenvibrators

  • by rotating perlenringe the g-spot stimulation
  • battery powered
  • various vibrationsvarianten
  • easy to clean
  • hygienic material
  • additional stimulation of the clitoris analbereichs or possible
  • for singles but also for couples
  • the slight stimulation to orgasm
  • very easy to use

material used

the stimulation is the material used for the vibrator made his share. there are many different, but three are in the perlenvibrator usual.


silicone is frequently used for vibrators. the very soft, elastic and warm material is also resistant to cold and hitzeeinwirkungen. just newcomers often resort to silicone vibrators as the material feels very smooth, and usually no silikongeruch.


acrylonitrile – butadiene – styrene is also very common in the processing of vibrators are used. this colourless solid is highly resistant to temperature fluctuations. advantages of this material is that it is scary and very warm to the touch. because of the surface texture is also very gleitfähig abs.

synthetic rubber

rubber is a frequently used for vibrators, solid, very elastic and durable. these properties guarantee the finished with a warm and soft feeling. because of the advantages of rubber eignene so processed vibrators for vaginal and anal stimulation.

three different variants

the first version of the perlenvibrators consists of the vibratorkorpus, in the form of a penisses comes along. behind the glans are one or more rows of perlenringe which as already mentioned, begin to vibrate. there may be different impulsmodi are selected, by a slight stimulation to orgasm it offers. in addition, he’s the scheideneingang.

a further variation of the perlenvibrators has an additional, second vibrator, performed on their own programmes available. in addition, this so-called klitorisreizer stimulates the clitoris, while the hauptvibrator the g-spot is. the experience of rounding is a stimulation of the anterior part of the vagina by the perlenvibrator guaranteed.

the last version, along with the haupvibrator and klitorisreizer a analreizer, so in addition to the klitorisstimulation and the g-spot, women with a penchant for anal stimulation at their expense. this is the use of the light excitation to the ecstatic orgasm has no limits.

conclusion the perlenvibrator

the perlenvibrator can be regarded as a word of the traditional achieve to be seen. the variations in the vibratorenart no desire to remain open and satisfaction at the highest level are expected. the raw materials are also very pleasant to use and easy to clean.

if you use perlenvibrator alone or with a partner, it doesn’t matter. even man comes with this device very well and with the various impulsmodi specifically for stimulation. if there is to be a toy, then it may only be recommended.

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