scheidungsfolgenvereinbarung provides details on

in a scheidungsfolgenvereinbarung details between husband and wife in writing in the event of divorce come to bear and long-term impact. the contract will be registered by the notary, and serves as a support for the court in deciding the distribution of available assets, the maintenance of the spouse and other possible points of contention. scheidungsfolgenvereinbarung: treaty regulates divorce divorce is stressful enough for most of them. if i have a lengthy disputes are added, is a big test for each. to avoid this, can be in the marriage with a contract or a scheidungsfolgenvereinbarung prevention. the main points in this contract are governed, for example, are zugewinnausgleich, financial settlements and the vermögensaufteilung after the divorce. the distribution of shared hausrats is defined here. real estate, property companies and there is also the distribution in the scheidungsfolgenvereinbarung set. another important point in the agreement, is the distribution of the custody of the children and the payment of child support. this, however, cannot be decided, because the legal rules, the maintenance of children is to ensure. what in the scheidungsfolgenvereinbarung determined is the payment of ehegattenunterhalt and das ehegattenerbrecht is in the treaty of scheidungsfolgenvereinbarung mutually agree, so that the subsequent divorce proceedings easier on the stage. as a whole, to ensure that this agreement is not one of the spouses is strong advantage, therefore is also the notary in the certification.

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