Sex experts agree: we should all do this one thing much more often

Sex experts agree: we should all do this one thing much more often

So, first of all, you should put on your most beautiful lacy underwear and wear them as often as possible, whether it’s comfortable or not.

Then, with every opportunity you can find, you should do pelvic floor exercises and your health practitioner – hopefully you have one? – ask about the latest pleasurable possibility that everyone is talking about.

And freshening up your sex skills can not hurt – off the internet, read every tip you can find. Then … no, we’re just kidding.

Experts advise the good old classic: spend more time alone to become a good sex partner.

Practice, practice, practice
We’re talking about masturbation here – or whatever non-medical term you want to use for it.

Just finding out what feels good (and utterly useless) and practicing regularly – alone and with a partner – is the first thing any expert has said when asked about the best sex tips.

Our experts have also found that women who have begun to masturbate on a regular basis report that they have a better sex life.

It can also boost your appetite and solve the problem of lack of hydration during sex, says Virginia Sadock , a psychiatrist at the New York University Clinic of HuffPost.

The goal is relaxation
This old-fashioned method works wonderfully – but some experts also prefer the high-tech options.

“When one of my patients says ‘I’m having trouble getting orgasmed or getting aroused’, I ask first, ‘Which vibrator do you use and how often do you use it?'” Says Lauren Streicher , a doctor and gynecologist to HuffPost ,

Fun Fact: In this year’s gift bags at the Academy Awards , a vibrator-like device, called “the causative agent” – stars are like us!

So, if you’ve found a way to make you happy, do not stop.

The goal is to relax and find out by experimenting what feels best.

The next time you have sex with your partner, just tell him what you found out – clearly.

Author:Emma Haak

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