Sex Fantasies – What is normal?

Sex Fantasies - What is normal?

Sex fantasies are just as much a part of our everyday life as the act of love itself. But we talk even less about our fantasies than about sex.

What if nobody shares my fantasies? What if others find my erotic ideas repugnant? The shame limit is high.

When it comes to sex fantasies – what is normal? This question has also asked researchers from Canada and carried out a study.

The scientists at the Université du Québec à Montréal wanted to find out which erotic ideas in humans can be classified as “normal” and which as “pathological”, because these findings can help in the diagnosis of mental disorders.

For the investigation, more than 1500 subjects were interviewed, 799 women and 717 men , who were on average 30 years old.

In an online survey, they had to specify what sex fantasy they have ever had and what their favorite is. There were 55 different preferences to choose from.

The result is surprising. Most of the fantasies turned out to be normal. 30 out of 55 possible fantasies had more than half of the subjects before .

“As we suspected, there are significantly more common fantasies than atypical ones,” writes study leader Christian Joyal in the journal “Journal of Sexual Medicine” .

The most common sex fantasies

One of the most popular fantasies in men is, for example, sex with two women . A majority of women (about 85 percent) prefer sex in a romantic atmosphere. After all, 78 percent of men share this fantasy.

Sex in public is one of the more popular ideas, as well as oral sex and dominated by the partner . Fifty-two percent of women said they fantasize about bondage and 40 percent of women like the idea of their partner ejaculating on them .

Which sex fantasies are uncommon?

As unusual, the researchers classified only a few sex fantasies. These include ideas in which urine occurs, sex with a defenseless person and sex with a prostitute . Less than 16 percent of respondents had this fantasy before.

As fantasies are abnormally involving sex with a child or an animal . Less than 2.4 percent of respondents responded.

Women handle sexual fantasies differently than men

Another interesting aspect of the study is the different ways men and women interact with their erotic dreams. The majority of men want the fantasies to be put into action. Women, on the other hand, often do not want their ideas to happen in reality .

It was striking, for example, that women often have submission fantasies, but do not want them to be dominated by their partner in real life.

Study leader Joyal says the study could also explain social phenomena such as the success of the book series Fifty Shades of Gray . Now, the research team from Canada will search for further connections.

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