Actually, sex is considered the most beautiful thing in the world. But sometimes the love life suffers from various everyday problems. The eight most common sex problems of couples (and potential solutions) have now been pooled by sex experts.

Everyone else has fun and a fulfilling sex life, only with me stuck … this subjective assessment may sometimes impose, but is often not. Many have learned to speak more openly about sex, but we usually prefer to keep bedroom issues to ourselves. We are not alone with the sexual problems such as pain, lack of time and relationship frustration.

Sex problems are solvable

Huffingtonpost.com has interviewed sex therapists and medical experts about the most common problems in their daily lives in the US. The result is a list of sex problems that are quite sobering at first sight. There are many reasons for a pleasure lull!

But thanks to this overview, it also becomes clear that there is also good news: most of these problems are solvable! Sometimes a visit to the doctor helps, sometimes it actually only requires a trusting conversation with the partner. But it may also help to know that many others are struggling with similar or exactly the same problems to address them.

And these are the most common reasons that keep us from sex:

1. Different sex desire

One wants to be constantly, the other usually not. If two different levels of lust level meet in a partnership, the bedroom problem is inevitable. The question is then: Was the condition always like this or has the desire changed by one? Sometimes it’s just circumstances like overwhelming childcare, job stress or financial worries that you can work on.

2. Not enough time for sex

Lack of time is a perfectly understandable problem in our fast-paced society. But can tight time really be a hindrance to intimate hours or minutes? It may be a planning challenge, but that would make the Mission Sex Break possible again. However, if it’s just an advanced reason, you have to look for the real reasons why you do not get your time off the hook.

3. Health problems

Diabetes, cancer, prostate problems – the body is impaired, it can also have an unpleasant affect the love life. But if we change physically, even an open conversation can help. It may not be easy in some cases to address the problem, but fear or shame are often the trigger for the unsatisfactory situation according to the sex experts.

4. Erection problems

For erectile problems, there may of course be medical reasons (which can be treated often), but also emotional ones. Then there is the pressure to remove stress or fear of failure with intuition from the sexual situations.

5. Decreasing pleasure

In fact, decreasing interest or lessening desire in a relationship is normal to some degree, but sometimes it becomes a bigger problem. Too little or no sex makes you dissatisfied. If one or both partners lack the sex drive, the reasons may be varied, as mentioned earlier.

Mostly it has to do with relationship problems, which must be removed from the way, so that the desire increases again. And sometimes it’s just that sex life does not satisfy either. Sharing one’s sexual desires and seeking what makes both happy is certainly the easier way.

6. Pain during intercourse

Again and again patients report that they feel pain during sex. Then it should first be clarified whether the sensation of pain has a physical reason. Sometimes there is also a history and therefore psychological reasons, such as a trauma or the like.

7. The partner had an affair

If it comes to light, that the partner has gone astray, that is for many a breach of trust and a desire brake. Often the affair is accompanied by a long sexual dissatisfaction as a trigger.

8. Not enough emotional intimacy

To let off steam sexually is one thing, making love the other. Because the sex that we practice not only for ourselves and our satisfaction, but to share emotional and physical closeness with the partner is a challenge for many.

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