The easiest way to orgasm – a guide for women!

The easiest way to orgasm - a guide for women!

Sex can be beautiful even without orgasm? Of course – but with a climax he is simply better! However, there is a lack of concrete tips on how women can reach orgasm. Not with us!

Relax, enjoy the pleasure, light a few candles – hints like these can be found on the Internet in abundance. The number of women who come to orgasm thanks to a romantic torch candle, however, is expected to go to zero. As a helpless encouragement follows usually the sentence: “Sex can be wonderful even without orgasm.” And the mediation of the “you are not alone” feeling: “Many women come only irregularly without never to climax.” What does that bring to the orgasmless woman? At best comfort, in the worst case nothing.

Let’s take a closer look at the topic: What can I actively do as a woman in order to achieve a climax during sex? The puzzle solution: tension!

The easiest way to orgasm - a guide for women!

So you come to orgasm

If you want to influence your orgasm ability, it’s best to use your muscles! What you need: your pelvic floor muscles in general, the PC muscle in particular and, best of all, all the other muscles in your body. Pelvic floor? PC muscle?
Where is it?

Cough once! What has just contracted in your abdomen is your pelvic floor muscles. And your PC muscle is the muscle that allows you to break the urine stream. Musculature discovered? Perfect!

The training begins

Now you can start training directly – either “dry” or even better: having sex with your partner. First of all, enjoy your lovemaking in a relaxed way and tense your musculature in between times and different levels of intensity and duration to get to know the effect. You will see, your sense of pleasure increases.

The first orgasm

Now you want to start the climb towards the climax? Let’s go! The comparison with an ascent is very apt as you now have to build up more and more tension in your body that will eventually discharge into an orgasm. Very important: Do not let the tension chain break. An annoying telephone ringing can be enough to destroy the tension. The result: you have to start all over again.


All phones off? Very good. Then start with the tensing of your pelvic floor, including the PC muscle. Be sure to actually tense your abdomen, not even push your stomach or pressure in the head! Concentrate on the sense of pleasure that builds up and amplify the tension. Erotic thoughts can additionally speed up the process. Presumably, you will now automatically tense other parts of your body, such as your hands or feet. No problem – as long as the main stress is in the pelvic floor.

The time has come: orgasmic explosion

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