The female G-spot: how to find and stimulate it

The female G-spot: how to find and stimulate it

In many guidebooks for better sex his stimulation is recommended, every men’s magazine devotes him now and then an article and some man believes he does not exist: The fabled female G-spot. But what exactly is this point and, above all, how do you find it? And why should you stimulate it at all?

The female G-spot: how to find and stimulate it

What is the female G-spot?

In principle, the female G spot is simply a very sensitive zone on the inner wall of the female vagina. This point is named after the German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg, who described it in 1950 for the first time scientifically.

The G-spot is located about 5 centimeters from the vaginal entrance and is slightly bulging and round with about 2.5 centimeters in diameter. The special feature of this zone is that there are extremely many sensory, ie touch-sensitive, nerves ending. Touches are therefore felt to be particularly stimulating and exciting at this point. In sexual arousal, the tissue swells around the G-spot and is better supplied with blood, so that any touches there are felt even more intense. Depending on the anatomical characteristics, a woman can achieve orgasm only by stimulating the G-spot. In some women, the stimulation of this zone even leads to the so-called female ejaculation, in which glands around the G-spot precipitate secretly and pulsating secretion.

It is important to know that the G-spot in many women, only from a certain sexual arousal is sensitive and well supplied with blood. The sole touch of the G-spot without foreplay or further stimulation is therefore not enough for pleasure for every woman.
The female G-spot: how to find and stimulate it
In addition, the female orgasm with simultaneous stimulation of the G-spot and other erogenous zones such as the clitoris significantly more intense and lasts longer – of which the man has something, because the excitatory contractions of the vagina are then stronger and more numerous, so that too The man, when he penetrates the penis into the vagina, a very tingling experience is given. So every man should know how to stimulate the female G-Spot and thus give his partner a very special tingling climax. At the same time, it also helps women who want to pamper themselves as they become familiar with this erogenous zone, because they can experience such a climax in a whole other dimension. Even if you have little time for relaxing games with yourself, It is recommended to include the G-spot. In this way, you can reliably achieve within minutes an incredibly intense orgasm. In addition, for many women, stimulating the G-spot is the only way they can give themselves great hours to experience multiple orgasms.

An orgasm that starts from the G-spot, in turn, is perceived by many women as a particularly intense vaginal orgasm, because its epicenter is located deep in the body and not, as in clitoral orgasm, on the outside or body surface.

Where is the G-spot of the woman and how can you find him?

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Because women are built very differently, there is no set scheme F to reliably find the G-spot in every woman. But there are certain basic rules with which one can grope oneself into the right region without much gynecological knowledge. The G-spot sits on the front inner wall of the vagina, ie towards the pubic bone, about 5 centimeters away from the vaginal entrance. It is felt there as a rougher, bulging knubbel of tissue, which stands out from the surrounding smooth tissue. It is approximately round and resembles a hemisphere with a depression in the middle. Most of the region is already very humid and warm, because it is very well supplied with blood.

If you have found the right point, you will notice it immediately anyway in the reaction of the partner – she will be able to control yourself with pleasure hardly more and feel unsuspected, electrifying waves in the whole body. Even women who want to spoil themselves, will feel very well when they have caught the right spot.

The easiest way to reliably hit the G-spot, of course, are preformed special toys that are anatomically designed precisely, such as the Liya by Alona . This vibrator hits just the right place and stimulates it with gentle or wild vibrations to climax.


How can you stimulate the G-spot?

For an indescribably enjoyable climax, the stimulation of the G-spot is crucial. This can of course be achieved by gentle handwork – but its location makes it difficult to hit the G-spot with your fingers. In addition, it is difficult to stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris with your fingers at the same time. A male penis often does not even touch the right place during sex because of its anatomy. Therefore, special toys are recommended as aids that meet the G-spot exactly by their shape without much searching. The Alona’s Liya is perfect for both women who want to pamper themselves and for men who want to give their partner a particularly tingling climax. This G-spot vibrator simultaneously stimulates the G-spot and the clitoris. He has several programs, from the very beginning gentle and tender to the hard and powerful booster for the passionate climax.
One thing is very important in passionate games with the G-spot: one must not forget the rest of the female erogenous zones in the search for G-spot. Without erotic foreplay, the region around the G-spot is not so much blooded that it can come to the best possible enjoyment. The partner should, therefore, no matter whether with the hands or with the help of a toy, his partner only sufficiently excite, for example by gently sucking on the nipples or tender massaging the clitoris, before he touches the G-spot with the toy. If this is already erogenous and swollen at the first touch, this first contact with stimulating vibrations feels twice as electrifying.

Of course, it can increase the desire, if you switch again and again between soft and strong vibration or retracts shortly before the climax of the G-spot, so that the desire abates slightly, only to then come back with the booster. In this way you will almost bring your partner with pleasure in the mind.

As with any toy use, the use of sufficient lubricant and high quality material is also important in stimulating the G-spot. The tissue around the G-spot is highly sensitive and should only come into contact with body-soft medical silicone that can not trigger allergies. Due to the rough surface of the skin directly at the G-spot, it is easy to remove skin cells in this sensitive region during rough procedures, so you can not save on the lubricant. Then even wilder, harder jolts with the toy nothing in the way, which makes every woman almost crazy in pleasure.

How can you train the G-spot?

Incidentally, women can also exercise their G-spot excellently with simple means. The wearing of so-called love balls strengthens the surrounding muscles and the sensory nerve endings are then better supplied by the better circulation of the entire zone and much more sensitive, so that every touch of the G-spot feels again tingling and the orgasms are even more intense. If you wear the love balls regularly, the corresponding results will set in a very short time and you will get to know new feelings of elation.

Regular stimulation of the G-spot also trains him and especially his sensitivity: The nerve endings then respond more quickly to touch and the body learns to respond to stimulations such as vibrations in this region very quickly with an orgasm. The more often one pampers the G-spot with a corresponding toy, the more intense the resulting highlights will be. The scale is open at the top.

So once you’ve become familiar with the G-Spot and its stimulation, there are no limits to your lust and new worlds with explosive, multiple orgasms unfold. Every woman should be able to stimulate her G-spot and every man who likes to spoil his partner should pay particular attention to this pleasure center. It will be worthwhile for all concerned.


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