toy with remote control

toy with remote control

pleasure by clicking and remote control

sex toys for you, him and the common pleasure, have long been taboo. you are just the sensual explore the own body, preferences and sexual experience. the vibrator has a very high priority. he is by far the favorite toy in german beds – if divided, or alone. a variant of the vibrating pleasure is the toy with remote control. what the sexual pleasures of promises and what makes it so special to him as a sex toy, which follows next.

what is a toy with remote control and / or app?

toy with remote control vibrator, a remote control is possible using this controlled, tuned, and in his vibrationsrhythmen are changed. this is the case, vibrating sextoy a very special kick.

of gentle pulse until the strongest vibration – many vibrators have different vibrationsstufen, rhythms and combinations. in order to switch between this and the vibration of the rising demand and the growing desire to help the remote control.

the latest trend to control the vibrating friends are also apps. this is not only the own (up!) smartphone use, vibrating sex toy for himself and for his sexual desire and pleasure to use.

how does a toy with remote control

each vibrator with via radio with a remote control connected. this can be by hand, or finger each desired level, erotic pampering and rhythmic massierens select. a fast control for operating ranges typically from about the indulgent prelude to the explosive finale to switch. thus, the remote control is not only the complicated information is the vibrator itself, you can also control the trustful, horny and indulgent hands of his sexpartners. what the toy is to be decided by the fingerzeigt on the remote control. this is sexual and taxes, and becomes a particularly intense and unique, always new höchsterlebnis emotions and orgasms.

special features and details

vibrators with remote control exist in many different versions and variants. if the form, color, gefühlsecht, clitoris bunny or concomitant anal stimulation – the wishes of sexually hungry body and spirits are with the vibrator with remote control no limits. this helps it extensively with existing supply address and to select suitable vibrator.

a key difference, however, lies in whether the toy with remote control via cord is connected, or whether, in their case, radio controlled. the operation of an app can usually be assumed that the toy without the strings can be used. who does not necessarily account for bondage and rather free and casual sexual fulfilment to indulge, recognizes the advantage of wireless vibrators with remote control very quickly.

the benefits to the point

the toy with remote control offers a comfortable handling of a remarkable sex toy. here you can continuously, by pressing a button at the peak or be brought … depending on which indulgent hands to remote control the achieve.

the advantages of again quickly to the point.

  1. with the remote control is the control and to achieve a comfortable. it is particularly when long, intense and with changing stimulationsrhythmen spoil like.
  2. as a couple, and the vibrator sex toy with remote control is a true helper. it can adjust all consecutive pairs of mutually at the peak of taxes, experience and observe.
  3. the vibrator is pretty compact and unobtrusive, it can just be used. quickly and quietly in everyday life and the operation … then controlled by app, can the friend home decide when it in your panties on the work starts to vibrate. that’s particularly erotic sexy love the love.
  4. the operation is the use of the vibrator is a lot easier and forced what his commitment to a variety of extended. new positions. new lustempfindungen. new highlights.

compared to other products

vibrators with remotes same vibrators; only that they away can be controlled. this makes the use of more flexible and creative. it will broaden the sexual massage, and can be entirely new feelings and empfindungsebenen will be raised. the remote control is a extrafunktion of vibrators, the sexual dreams, wishes and dream more achievable and sensitive manner.

the maintenance of vibrators with remote control

in principle, vibrators with remote control is very easy to maintain. the vibrator itself is usually with warm water of the sexual lusttropfen and liquids to clean. if you want to make sure to the can to special cleaning vibrators are effective. water is usually sufficient.

the care and better maintenance of remote control is usually similar to simple. they are often wasseranfällig so that the partner with the remote control to take a shower or bath.


a vibrator with remote control is a true wunderbringer. the vibrators extensive regulierungsstufen, rhythms, and other functions, the use of power control and more fun. with the remote control is a real kick. not to forget the new dimensions now the app governance will arise. there are sex starved and funny in a completely new sexual adventures and pampering steps and programmes to look forward to. who knows, maybe you can come by app and download with the seductive sexspiel hot bea to pamper or control of his liebesstabs in the hands of his cyberfreundes or neighbors around the corner? this app management is a whole new world of erotic fantasies.

in principle, such vibrators in solovergnügen also are used as the partnerspiel. hidden here somehow again a special charm. because, after all, is the control of their own hand …

and may thus not drop and the rhythmic vibration of the inner and outer vaginalbereich indulge in sensual stimulation. but men are paying attention. the vibrating vibration can also you a very erotisierende effect. easy to be sensitive to and together with the partner and the vibrator with remote control new worlds and explore sexual sensations.

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