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vibro egg

the modern woman of today is not only a sexy and erotic … and they require. it may on a wide range of sexspielzeugen and tools used. these do not only bring new impetus to the sex life, but also have unforgettable and unique erotic experience multiple orgasms. you can either alone or together with partner used. playing with them is just great fun.

one of these toys is the vibro egg. whether mrs klitoral, vaginal or anal the climax to come – the viro egg is a thrilling, exciting and erfüllungbrigendes toys for the modern woman and her sensual hours with itself.

what is a vibrator egg?

the vibro egg is a small but fine, fine compact vibrator in the form of an oval egg. he is good in the hand and flutsch so pleasant in any damp cave. depending on the vibro egg comes in different intensities, or even very different vibrationsrhythmen. each vibro egg convinced with his own fun features and extras. in general, the vibrating eivibratoren with a rückholbändchen oversight, so that the insertion into the scheidengang completely harmless. the control system of fernbedingung and completely wireless, makes the sexual experience simply unforgettable.

how does a vibro egg?

the operation of vibratory eggs are uniform. they have a vibrating moduleinheit, the radio can be controlled. what features a vibro egg can fulfil all, depending on the particular model. it is especially pleasant for external stimulation of the skin and sensitive parts of the body. leg, abdomen, buttocks, back, breast – feels good, this small, inconspicuous a being pampered. according to the model can vibrationsstärke and type set.

the vibro egg can also be introduced as vaginal, anal. since the egg easily with a small control can be operated, the vibro egg even all day in the own damp cave to be carried. it is not only simple to run the extrakick in vaginalbereich.

with a turn to the right button of the fernbedingung vibro egg, you can even damp secretly by bus to work on the peak.

advantages and disadvantages of

the vibro egg is very small and inconspicuous. you can take his little liebesbringer everywhere. the vibro egg will fit in your purse. it is also because of its image processing and shape is also very easy to clean, so that it is no need to worry.

the vibro egg doesn’t even be carried in the purse. who likes it can wear all day. experienced orgasms by vibro egg are indescribable. it is intense and long lasting. they stimulate, excite and satisfy.

physical dangers are excluded. in the choice of materials has become hautverträglichen and allergiearmen materials.
is harmful, addictive. because once the vibro egg came, want it back and back and back … ….

compared with other products.

the vibro egg is almost unique in its kind. its function is based on typical vibrators. in size, ease of operation and use, it was a unique product design.
new and similar, however, the vibratory bullet. it applies the principle of vibratory ice, but has a different shape. here, one does not play with a oval shaped vibrating egg, but it can, pistolengeschossartig by a narrower pistolenkugelförmiges, vibrating sextoy shoot to orgasm.

material, texture and feel

of course, differ each vibro egg models in their material, their nature and haptics. the material is generally, as in the sugar industry, with hauptverträglichen latex and silikonstrukturen worked. the texture but is still different from model to model.

the vibratory eggs often differ in their form, with or without strings and also in various sizes, and the respective haptics effects. naturally, this personal preferences.

the care of vibro egg

vibratory eggs are super easy to maintain and clean. after his great pleasure to the vibro egg to me warm water thoroughly washed and cleaned. there are also special detergent for his sex toy; warm water but actually.


sexual experience is more important today than ever. the erotic massage their own sexual demand plays a role. the vibro egg is an ideal toy that the common discovery with his partner can be used.

actually, it’s a secret boyfriend of the modern woman, the unforgettable moments alone and hours of prohibited sin us.

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