What’s orgasm and What does an orgasm feel like ?

What's orgasm and What does an orgasm feel like ?

The orgasm – for many people it’s the goal to reach orgasm in sex! But the way there can be even more beautiful – especially for girls! Here you will find out what makes this “journey” so exciting.

To better explain what happens to your body, scientists have divided the time from the first arousal to relaxation after orgasm into four phases. 

Orgasm in girls: the four phases of pleasure

 What's orgasm and What does an orgasm feel like ?

Phase 1 – Excitement: When you feel like it!

Even the most amazing orgasm starts small. Because if you feel like having sex, then your body starts a tingling program. And actually this always starts in the head. Sometimes a look, a thought or a touch is enough: Sexual excitement in girls builds up just as fast as with boys. Because girls react to sexual stimulate as fast as boys. Her excitement, however, is “trouble-prone”. That is, they are easier to distract during sex. Therefore, it often seems that they take longer to come to a climax during sex.

Getting wet: The clearest sign of a girl’s sexual arousal is that her vagina gets wet. In the process, the walls of the vagina separate a clear fluid which is distributed in the vagina. Without this lubricating the insertion of the penis is painful or not possible.

Sheath: If the excitement continues to increase, the vagina increases. It stretches out and widens. She’s also stretchy enough to normally take on any penis – no matter how long or fat he is. At the same time, the vagina turns dark red due to the increased blood flow.

Labia: The outer (labia majora) flatten slightly on excitation, thus exposing the entrance to the vagina. In women who have already given birth to a child, the labia majora are larger from the outset and continue to swell on sexual arousal. The inner (small) labia are supplied with more blood in all girls, thereby darkening and enlarging significantly.

Clitoris : The clitoris (the clitoris) increases in size and size by filling his erectile tissue with blood. It often occurs under the skin hood, which normally covers and protects it.

Breasts: In the excitement phase the nipples become stiff and remain so during the following phases. At the same time, the breasts swell slightly.

Muscle twitching: As the excitement increases, so does the heart rate and blood pressure, causing uncontrolled twitching in various parts of the body that later “explode” during orgasm .

Sex flush: For most girls, the so-called “sex flush” occurs. This is called spontaneous reddening of the skin, which begin in the epigastrium and spread over the chest and neck.

What's orgasm and What does an orgasm feel like ?

Phase 2 – Plateau Phase: When you swim on the pleasure wave!

The plateau phase is nothing more than the continuation of the arousal phase. The term “plateau” (French = plateau) describes that the girl has now reached a level of arousal that persists for a time until she comes to orgasm.

Orgasmic Cuff: The vagina, which has widened slightly at the entrance during the arousal phase, now contracts nearly one-third. Thus, during intercourse, the contact between penis and vagina becomes more intense. Girls can learn to pull this area of ​​the vagina, also known as the “orgasmic cuff”, together and thus increase contact with the penis. Only in the area of ​​the orgasmic cuff, within the first few centimeters after the entrance to the vagina, is the vagina receptive to sexual stimuli.

Clitoris: If the excitement is strong enough, the clitoris (the clitoris) pulls back under his foreskin and makes it so difficult to reach. Why this is so, is not yet clear. It is believed that nature wants to prevent that the woman comes to orgasm before the man has an ejaculation. For nature arranges everything in sexuality so that there are always the best chances for reproduction. And when the woman comes in front of the man and then retires, the chances of getting offspring are much lower.

Breasts: The breasts reach their largest extent in the plateau phase.

Sex flush: The redness of the skin becomes even more intense.

Muscle twitching: Pulse and blood pressure continue to rise and breathing becomes noticeably faster. The musculature in the whole body becomes increasingly tense. The tension is discharged by spontaneous, uncontrollable muscle twitching.


Phase 3 – Orgasm Phase: When your lust is at its peak!

Orgasm is a sudden release of muscle and nerve tension on the peak of sexual arousal. This experience is probably the most intense physical enjoyment to which a person is capable.

Orgasm sensation: An orgasm lasts only a few moments and is felt like a spasmodic fit, a series of twitches that affect the whole body and lead to total relaxation. Unlike boys, girls are much more capable of having two or more orgasms in a row. In addition, girls can experience their orgasm in very different ways. For example, short and gentle, long and intense, in several successive waves, as lasting feeling, etc.

Female effusion: In some girls it may come to an outpouring of clear fluid from the so-called urethral glands (they correspond to the postata / prostate gland in men). Not every girl can ejaculate in this way. And not every girl who knows such female effusions experiences them every time.

Orgasm: In girls, the orgasm begins with rhythmic twitching of the orgasmic cuff. They repeat themselves very fast at first and then become slower and weaker. The sphincter of the anus, too, contracts in the same rhythm as the orgasmic cuff. The muscle tension now covers the whole body: neck, legs, arms, hands, feet. , Pulse and blood pressure increase again and breathing becomes even faster.

Strength of the orgasm: How intensively a girl feels the described physical reactions is always dependent on the duration and the degree of sexual arousal.


Phase 4 – Recovery phase: When your desire abates!

After orgasm, the sexual organs (and the whole body) need a time to return to their resting state.

Relaxation: During this so-called recovery phase, the congestion in the vagina decreases rapidly. The outer (large) and inner (labia) labia regain their original shape. The clitoris reappears under her foreskin. The redness of the skin (sex flush) disappears. The stiffening of the nipples subsides and the breasts are smaller and slowly return to hibernation. With the relaxation of the muscle tension also pulse and blood pressure decrease. Breathing normalizes again!

Multiple orgasms: Girls, unlike boys, seem to need no or no long recovery period. If they continue with masturbation, petting or intercourse, many girls may come second or third immediately after the first orgasm. Of course, the recovery phase starts after the last orgasm.

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