Women Touching Another Woman’s Vagina For The First Time

The Story

We’ve seen a lot of these “social experiment”-type videos in the last little while. Gay guys touching a vagina for the first time, lesbians touching a penis for the first time, straight guys touching another guy’s penis for the first time, and now… straight women touching another woman’s vagina for the first time. Because why not? This is what society wants, people. So go ahead and watch — you know you want to:

The Snapshot

Key Quotes:

  • “It’s like the inside of a fresh croissant… or any other kind of baked goods.”
  • “It looks like a gluten-free-bread ham sandwich.”
  • “I’m afraid I might be dreaming about vaginas tonight.”

The Lesson

Humans are naturally curious about each other’s most private parts. They’re the reason we exist as a species, and yet modern society has a pretty hot and cold relationship with them. Like how we all watch porn but are deathly afraid of people finding out what porn we watch. Maybe we should just chill out and all walk around naked? It’s a thought. That’s my Summer 2016 prediction… calling it. 

Also, if this video is to be believed, vaginas have magic turn-you-bisexual powers over straight women. The world is a truly magical place.

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