15 reasons why your ex writes you and wants to contact you again

15 reasons why your ex writes you and wants to contact you again

Many women know it: after a relationship, they just continue to get texts from their ex-boyfriend. But why? It is often harder for these women to get over the ex than for a complete end to the contact.

Usually, the partner in the relationship that has broken up is easier in this situation. He or she is much more likely to make a fresh start because you think he / she has already completed. But sometimes texts from an ex-partner evoke old, and sometimes wrong, feelings.

The truth is that there are many reasons why your ex will write you again. We can never list all the reasons because we just do not know every relationship in this world. But we have written down for you the 15 most common reasons:

# 1 He just does it that way

Sounds weird to you, right? But sometimes he just makes it out of routine, because getting a message out of bed in the morning is just an old habit. Every woman knows this “good morning;)” messages on her phone.

# 2 He just misses you

Probably the most obvious reason of all. He wants to go back to your life. Maybe wake up next to you or just be with you. He just wants to have a message from you just because he is still with you with his feelings.

# 3 He has heard that you have a new one

That too often happens! He just wants to know if you’re happy with a new guy again! Did you really forget him so soon? It’s simply about comparing yourself to the new partner. He has more muscle or a better job? These are things that count for many men.

# 4 He was reminded of something about you

You have always spent your holidays in a special place? As soon as he is reminded of this place, he will write to you, guaranteed! This example simply shows how much men suffer from separation. But sometimes there is a very simple reason: He wants you to think of him again!

# 5 The winter, including Christmas time, comes and he has no one to cuddle

Many studies have already shown that relationships that develop in winter last longer. This is partly due to the “cuddling” during the cold season. Also, the usually family Christmas time is reminiscent of the ex-girlfriend. If he is asked by his mother where his girlfriend is, he will certainly be saddened and write to you.

# 6 He still has feelings for you

It may not be a burning love, but a woman like you will certainly not be easy to forget. He just might want to have a casual conversation with you to talk about the old times.

# 7 He wants to win you back

This of course goes hand in hand with the previous
reason # 6. He thinks he should fight for you rather than let you go. But if his feelings overflow and you have no peace, you should tell him very clearly that you do not want to be bothered!

# 8 He just wants to annoy you

Often men are just bitchy because they broke up with them. Maybe you can understand a bit, but without feelings just no relationship! He can not accept your decision and need some help with it? Just ignore it completely. So you can enjoy your peace, because even you have something completed in you, so he probably does, too, right?

# 9 Just to make sure you’re fine

There are two variants here: He broke up with you and now wants to know that you’re fine? Or variant two: He was abandoned and thinks of you, just wants it that you are fine and you are satisfied. This can be a sign of absolute love for you! He lets you free, but still wants you to be fine.

# 10 He has problems letting go

As in # 9 variant 2 only a little worse! He just can not accept the end. Here should help a clarifying conversation. Just say it clearly: It’s over!

# 11 He just did not get it

You broke up with him, but he does not understand? Then tell him again clearly. Some ex-friends just do not understand why the end is in your relationship. Here, a clear text helps further as well as ignoring his messages.

# 12 He’s still hoping to win you back

Can he win you back? If not, then you just have to be clear! Unfortunately there is no way around it.

# 13 All his friends have a girlfriend, only he is single

How cruel! All his buddies hang around with their girlfriends, only he does not! Sure he comes to stupid thoughts, right? After all, nobody wants to go around the houses with him, because everyone sits nicely at home watching cuddly movies, right?

# 14 Because you both were friends before

He has known you forever? Then maybe his message has nothing to do with the reasons before! He just wants to inquire if everything is alright with you. Maybe he has already completed and wants a non-binding meeting with friends is possible!

# 15 He does not want to lose touch with you

That too can be: he just wants you to be part of his life. Whether as a friend or as a good friend. The main thing is that you are a part of his being. Romantic to annoying, what do you think?

So here are the top 15 reasons for messages from your ex. Maybe yours was not there? Then just write us and we may include in our list!

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