3 Best New Sucker Vibrators for 2017

3 Best New Sucker Vibrators for 2017

Womanizer Pro £169.00

Womanizer Pro is our signature product in a luxurious design that will lead you to the most intense moments of pleasure. Indulge in contactless stimulation with our unique Pleasure Air Technology. This powerful combination of suction and pressure waves will gently bring you to a wholly new orgasmic experience – and with 12 levels of intensity you decide how fast you want to get there! Womanizer Pro seduces you with sparkling Swarovski® elements and comes with an additional XL silicone head to individually adapt to your body and preferences.
3 Best New Sucker Vibrators for 2017
Tester says:I got The Womanizer W500 Special Edition – Red Roses and really enjoyed it. I have a lot of vibrators and this is different than anything that I have tried. I had read a LOT of reviews on this before I bought this and I understand it is expensive so I will do my best to give you a realistic review for your customers so they know what to expect. First, I will say that I researched this and turns out the manufacturer has a MAP on it which means they do not allow anyone to sell it for less or they will give you the boot so don’t worry about price shopping on this one as to get it with the warranty in place and something that is not a knock off you will have to get it at the price shown here. I found in the reviews I researched that some women compared it to a wand like the Hitachi Magic Wand, but I would say that it is different than that. It has a light suction (please don’t think this is going to feel like a strong sucking as that is not what this does); rather, it is a really unique, powerful pulsing with a light suction and vibration. It surrounds the clitoris and is something a lot of women claimed gave them one orgasm after another… the claims are true; I climaxed several times during my first time using it. I LOVE this product. I was not so sure about it because when you put it up to your hand it felt pretty mild, but when I put it around my clit it felt like delicious oral sex to me. I typically do not like direct clitoral stimulation, rather I like vibrators to be position to the side so this was a very interesting sensation and did not make me feel overwhelmed but at he same time I felt full stimulation. When you put it around you clit it is not intended to move around, rather it stays in one position and then pulses with suction. Once in place it is pretty quiet as it seals around your clit but when you just have it running it is louder. It small enough to leave room for other sex toys to be used like dildos or strap-ons. Of course a partner can finger you or even have sex with you while you wear it. It is easy to hold. It is light and easy to hold and if you turn over on your stomach and get it into place over a pillow you can lay with it running hands free. You can also position it in your underwear to hold it in place. I really like the storage case which makes it easy to discreetly store and the fact that it looks like an ear thermometer so people may not really know what it is and thus a little discreet. I also like that it is USB rechargeable so no batteries and it lasts a good amount of time while on high. I would highly recommend this for any women for a unique sex toy experience and certainly would make a great gift. I really crave this sex toy now and would say it is number one on my list for those that make me orgasm intensely.

Satisfyer Pro 2 £69.99

It made our favourite 2017 vibrators, but this is not a vibrator, rather a toy that uses pulsating airwaves. It essentially sucks on your clitoris using air suction technology, which sex shop Sh! say is taking over vibration. With a whopping 11 intensities, the Satisfyer does all the work to make you orgasm – once you have it placed in the right position, you don’t need to move it. The supple silicone nozzle, which can be removed for hygienic cleaning, engulfs the clitoris and gets to work in record climax time. It can be used in the bath or shower for an even more powerful effect.
3 Best New Sucker Vibrators for 2017
Tester says: This ‘vibrator’ is AMAZING. At first, I didn’t know much about the Satisfyer, other than it was a sleek rose gold design that looked like a face cleanser. I read the instructions beforehand, but was sceptical and slightly confused. On the first setting, it made a low humming sound without any vibration. There was seemingly no indication that it would drive me crazy down there, so this left me mind boggled already. As I went ahead, I came to the realisation men aren’t alone in finding the exact spot, which I knew was essential for it to work. The Satisfyer gave me a sensation I hadn’t ever had after less than a minute. Without any actual touching involved, the toy had somehow given me a prolonged and deep orgasm. I like how gentle yet effective it is, avoiding aggressive and often intimidating motions. I’m yet to use it underwater but imagine even better things.

Alona Sucker Vibrator £39.99

Alona Clitoral Sucker and G-Spot Vibrator is an indispensible part of every woman’s toy box yet wallet-friendly.
Solo pleasure sessions are twice as nice with this top-of-the-range vibrator, which sucks your clitoris and vibrates to stimulate your most sensitive G-Spot, sending you quivering to an explosive climax. Revolutionary Suction Technology – Realistic tip clitoral sucker with 3 speeds to mimic the sensation of sex. Versatile Use – Whether as clitoral suckers, nipple stimulator or as classic G-spot vibrator for women. Powerful vibrator boasts 8 patterns for tailored internal massages. SAFE – Made by medical silicone, healthy and odorless. 100% waterproof for easy cleaning between uses. Whisper Quiet – Sound less than 45DB. Magnetic USB Rechargeable.
3 Best New Sucker Vibrators for 2017
First tester says: I was already of the opinion to have got a defective toy because no negative pressure is generated but even a weak air flow to the outside is to be felt, if one closes the opening with the finger and then opens a small gap. But I should be wrong. On the Internet I found descriptions like: “If you place it over the clitoris, it will be easily sucked in and put into vibration by pulsating pressure waves”. And that seems to be the secret: pulsating pressure waves and the natural vibrations of the clitoris.
Dear male: After my wife for the 5th to 7th time (she could not say it exactly) within 5-10 minutes (I do not look at the clock, of course) me with very intense orgasms “jumped through the bed” and then completely finished and overjoyed said: “Stop, I can not anymore,” I must now admit that I can not produce pulsating pressure waves with my finger, tongue or with another vibrator.
In this respect, the description with the indication of negative pressure is wrong. They are pulsating pressure waves. In contrast to a vibrator non-contact for the clitoris pearl. And that works “awesome” good.
And as far as the volume is concerned. No problem. Yes, it is buzzing, of course. But when the device is put on the halves, anyway not large, volume again. And besides, it is woman from the first second where the device is put on anyway.
Second tester says: Deluxe clitoris sucker has already made a good and high quality impression on delivery by Amazon directly. The delivery was fast and absolutely discreet in a normal Amazon carton. The packaging looks very noble. soft surface super elegant. Even my friend likes the design. :).
Since I also belong to the women of clitoral stimulation and orgasm ability, that promised, to functionality I can only say that he definitely keeps what he promises and his handy form, you can even use it together in the love game with the partner!
I especially like the low volume, he actually purrs quietly like a kitten.
What I find particularly good is that you can also take him under the shower or in the tub. The device is supplied together with a magnet charging cable. Despite frequent use for about a week, I had to charge the device yet. In any case, it keeps what it promises.
All in all a class product and for the price really unbeatable what price!
I would order again and again, so he has earned a full 5 stars!

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