little’s myth as the female orgasm. the intensive thunder feelings, sustained relaxation, the woman is very different, should know, are complex.

one way to a particularly intense orgasm in a completely different way to obtain how the actual genitalverkehr is the stimulation of the clitoris by a auflegevibrator.

exactly how this works and what exactly is this, the following contributions are discussed.

what is a auflegevibrator?

the female core of a woman’s clitoris. according to recent research, is to be feeling the clitoris of substantially more than the maximum erspürende feeling that the small lustperle at the klitorisspitze is achieved at the end of the lips.

the clitoris as female genital stimulationsort is relatively large. it can reach a length of about 10 – 12 cm. due to this alone seems very logical to develop a suitable vibrator.

so women are stimulated and a maximum pleasant feelings, and satisfaction. this feeling is sufficiently by the active vibrationsstimulation he klitorisspitze.

a auflegevibrator has nothing to do with the actual vibrators and dildos, the penis shaped exist together. a auflegevibrator is integral to the female genitalorganen.

at this point, is located in modern auflegevibratoren a definite advantage. since the vibrator is the body of the woman and her clitoris. it will specifically stimulates the clitoris without real sexual intercourse to imitate.

the nutzenkomfort for women is significant, because it will be particularly intense orgasms experienced.

how does a auflegevibrator?

the use of a auflegevibrator is quite simple. best you fix him good and right on your lovers’ lane. then you can like fancy movements to adjust as you like. here is the rule which in this context applies everywhere, is permitted to do. and that may be very different.

the vibrator allows you to individually with your body to play and sensual feelings experience.

the equipment you can find continuously adjustable vibration, massage you and stimulate. the stimulation provided by your extremely sensitive clitoris. here, you can ensure that the feeling is growing slowly and gradually increase the excitement to your explosion in the form of an orgasm. in this way, really passionate orgasms is generated.

advantages and disadvantages of hang up vibrators

  • the possibility of the vibrationsstärke and for you this humble intensity completely individually adjust
  • an attractive and, above all, modern design to choose
  • a really comfortable handling
  • a feet 100% security, an orgasm to come
  • the generation of a particularly intense every pleasure in the body.

some users complain that the real feeling of sexual intercourse are not modeled. in this context, the auflegevibrator is simply another form of satisfaction. the vibrator generates an orgasm, the orgasm is equivalent to a oralverkehrs.

maintenance of the auflegevibrators

the sexual act with a auflegevibrator is much fluid etc.. this is the true pleasure is to carry out cleaning. following the benutzungsvorgang makes the vibrator in accordance with easy to clean. it is often hot water. meanwhile, if the cleaning clear only later, as is the use of a brush or the like is appropriate.

method of cleaning

  • the batteries of the corresponding vibrator before cleaning to remove
  • with a mild soap and warm water wash
  • best to avoid sharp purifiers and alcohol
  • seifenreste should properly be rinsed, a burning of the vagina to prevent
  • vibrator should be completely dry

characteristics of the auflegevibrators

product overview:

  • the use is a pleasurable stimulation of the clitoris
  • he fits in optimum form on the outer vaginalstimulation
  • the devices are usually equipped with langanhaltendenden batteries
  • the apparatus is quickly recharged and ready to go.
  • you have a practical, manageable size and also for use on the road and for a suitable
  • this device is perfect for beginners in the field of toys suitable
  • they are generally 100% waterproof
  • it can be due to the waterproof and n the bath use.
  • they are from körperfreundlichen plastics or silicones are
  • the device allows for an intuitive operation
  • there are different forms of auflegevibratoren
  • the applications provide both together and alone
  • while the act itself is the device noise
  • there are various intensities and modes, you can choose

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