banns: the first step in the direction of marriage

banns: the first step in the direction of marriage
who wants to marry in the foreseeable future, must inform the banns. it is an ancient procedure from the canon law, under which the ehevorhaben is made public. the main reason for such a display is the review of “ehehindernisse” by the authorities. before the marriage, the bureaucracy in 1215 to parents the banns. the reason: it would spontaneously marriage can close, the authorities would have no time for a review of possible „ehehindernisse “. one of these, that is obvious, an existing marriage of one of the partners. nor may the certain without the consent of the parents, relatives, a ordensgelübde or a so-called „frauenraub (marriage against the will) are available.

what at times independent register was still obvious, in the era of ubiquitous networking, only a simple formal: state and from today are interconnected and the relevant information accordingly fast exchange. add to that the fact that many „ehehindernisse “of the religious right now no longer exist. better early than late, the networking of the offices, however, does not mean that you can in the short term the banns. who to an already set time civil want to marry must have the „papierkrieg “as early as possible to do. the processing time is depending on the antragsaufkommen, size of the authority and other unpredictable factors (for example, holidays) strongly influenced. for the gang to the registry office, you must have the identity cards (alternatively, a valid photo id) of both partners, birth certificates and a certified copy of the familienbuchs stand by. alternatively, the family book abstammungsurkunden, each of both parents are also accepted.

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