Does she love me? These 15 surefire signs reveal it (+ test)

Does she love me? These 15 surefire signs reveal it (+ test)

You meet a girl that you really like?

It’s nice to be in love, right? But often we have problems recognizing who really loves us. Unfortunately, nobody can look into the thoughts, feelings and desires of another person. You want to know if your beloved loves you too? You’re just in love with her and she does not know about her luck yet? Whether you’re already in a relationship with her or just been in love with her, with our tips, you can easily figure out if she feels the same for you:

Sometimes confessing one’s love openly is sometimes difficult for men. After all, there is this word that begins with L, love is sometimes not reciprocated or love is abused by false lovers and exploited. As a man you are always afraid of being just a “good friend” for you. But that need not be.

Does she love me? Here are 15 tips where we see clear signals

# 1 She wants to know everything about your friends

Are you maybe with another girl? Do you often have contact with women? Every girl wants to answer all these questions to see if you are serious. That’s exactly what most women care about. Women are also a bit crazy when it comes to small details that you tell them. So we can tell from personal experience, when girls write to us that it makes them crazy, that their beloved has contact with other women on the Internet.

# 2 You always have fun doing things together

These small (or big) ventures and outings are of enormous importance to women. They show if you fit together in an interpersonal relationship. If you’re just quarreling on shared excursions, disagreeing and getting on your nerves anyway, that’s a sure sign that she does not really love you.

# 3 If she watches you for a long time …

You, catch ’em while staring? Good for you! She’s crazy about you, watching you, and she does not want to leave her eyes on you anymore. She seems to have at least one eye on you or has a crush on you.

# 4 You want the same things in your relationship

Are you both looking for a stable relationship? You wish you a faithful partner? Then maybe she is looking for you! Even if you are already in a relationship, it is really important that you talk about shared dreams, goals and plans, because you really want to enjoy a wonderful time long, right?

# 5 You hear that she likes talking about you

She always reports all the news from you to her friends, her colleagues or her family? Then you can be sure that she really cares about you because you are special for her. Congratulation!

# 6 You have nothing wrong with her

You meet with your boys and you come to the topic ‘women’. You can not say anything negative about your adored because she gives you everything you want? Then you have the jackpot! Because a woman who is truly and seriously in love with her husband, who will do anything to make him happy to the last detail. Sweet!

# 7 She is your support and you can always count on her

She is your little cheerleader? It is there, if nothing works for you? Does she also encourage you when you’re just hopeless? She believes in you and wants you to feel well, to be satisfied and achieve your goals. Good girl and probably also in love girl – in you!

# 8 She often talks to you about the future

She is more than a good friend when you have plans together. If you continue to build together on your future together. She likes to talk to you about a common future and to imagine her dream world? Do you come to it, you are certainly more than just an ordinary guy for her. It’s about time you both become happy!

# 9 She sacrifices a lot for you

She wants to make you happy and waives the girls’ evening? Do you miss a party because you are sick in bed and she nurses you sacrificially? Bingo, she is yours!

# 10 She takes you the way you are

She leaves fifth grade? It’s true, if she’s really in love with you, then she’ll take your nooks and crannies as they are. And she even loves you for it. Whether you leave the toilet seat on top or drink beer with the boys playing football – it accepts you in all shapes and colors. And that’s good for you, because it shows warmth and love. And while we’re at football right now:

# 11 It lets you watch every game

Bundesliga is on Saturday in your living room, your boys are there and you know it’s okay for them? Attention, she is your dream woman!

# 12 Your friends are happy for you

Sometimes you hear her friends talking about you and they talk about how lucky she is with you? Then you did everything right, because that’s what they would never say if you were just anyone for them. She is happy and talks to her girls about it – good!

# 13 She does not play games with you

She does not answer for days? Does she only get in touch when she wants something? Not a good sign for you, because then the interest is probably rather low. Pity!

# 14 You can tell her everything

As it should be: you have worries, grief, stress or are just miserable mood? Then you always have in mind that she is there. And that’s the wonderful thing about really in love women. They are interested in the really important things in their lives and they seem to be you.

# 15 She also cooks for you

She loves to stand behind the stove? See the miracle of love, which probably only women with real love-hormones can accomplish: a wonderful dish conjured up for both of you. You should really think of the saying, ‘Love goes through the stomach’, because not only did our grandparents already know that, but it really is the truth. Take good care of her because she is in love with you!

There is nothing better than really being connected to a person. To feel love and also to feel that it is returned unconditionally. You have to pay attention to these 15 facts to be sure.

I know that you will think of this text if you will experience one of these things with her. I hope that you find the love of your life or have already found it, because there is nothing more wonderful than to feel the tingling and the warm feeling of love in his body!

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