offer regarding sex toys for men has been steadily growing. in addition to many other products offer you acorn vibrator can also highlight a pleasurable experience. try him alone you, together with your partner or your partner in love and have a new, strong feeling of lust. let you on happy hours in another world away.

what is a acorn vibrator?

this stimulated by form and function as the acorn and is therefore specifically for this area has been developed. the acorn is a highly erogenous zone of the man. this vibrator can you determine how long and how intensively they are stimulated. a eichelvibrator is designed so that the head surrounds well and make you feel like you can, as a frauenmund spoil.

how does a acorn vibrator?

you need to get your penis in the scheduled opening of the achieve import until the glans is encased. if the right position is reached, you turn him in. many vibrators can you for you pleasant vibrations or rotationsstufe select, if needed, can be increased or reduced constantly. you can the climax in lovemaking herauszögern or accelerate.

there are many different designs and types of vibrators. you have the choice whether you a burling, additional rotation or vibration are used to be. the choice is yours.

what differences and special features are there?

you’ll be surprised how diverse the range of eichelvibratoren. they differ in the design, materials and appearance, the other in their function. the products are in the longitudinal, phallusartiger or in a compact form, similar to a blütenkelch, available, some of which are made from latex or silicone. alternatively, the vibrators studs in place, in addition to stimulate you. if you’re more additional rotation, this option is also available. for men, just like the products with simple vibration offered gradually or continuously by means of a rädchens adjustable.

there are even a few models, which has a suction or a wärmefunktion possess. in the latter option, however, you should ensure that you do not burn. even in the shower, you don’t have to abandon your fun, because many vibrators are waterproof.

for most products, the penis can erect condition in are introduced. however, there are manufacturers, the vibrators, in which you have developed your penis and he can also stand by and abbewegungen or vibration in a mood.

the advantages and disadvantages of the acorn vibrator

here are for you some positive and negative aspects of the achieve together.


  • precise stimulation of the glans penis
  • you don’t have to do much
  • intense orgasm
  • intensity can be defined
  • easy to clean materials
  • violation by teeth excluded
  • this may well be the endurance trained to the peak


  • some models are too large or small for the acorn
  • perhaps not every man in this stimulation to the climax
  • it is not the whole penis stimulates
  • the peak is not directly by the partner
  • volume of the vibration could be a little too loudly
  • material, texture and feel

many eichelvibratoren are made of latex, silicone, or jelly material and thus are facile, odourless and skin friendly. however, it is important to know if you are allergic to this material. these materials by their nature gently nestled the acorn and can you give an optimal every pleasure in the body.

the haptic structures which you perceive, can give you a pleasant, exciting experience. each model has its own surprises.

the care and cleaning of the glans penis vibrator

the vibrators mainly made of silicone or latex are manufactured, these with a suitable cloth, warm water and soap hautverträglicher. in addition, there are also special detergent for sex toys, in addition to disinfect.

for vibrators, the stick, you need to be especially careful when cleaning, so that the engine has no damage.

before you use the vibrator, it is recommended that before again being careful with water rinse, to remove any fluff.

conclusion: the vibrator for the man

with the eichelvibrator you’re experiencing a particular type of stimulation. ideal if you want to give a titillating climax, or the game of love as like. fun and adventure are guaranteed. the vibrator is optimal for men who may have problems with the erection. this small device could help you faster that excitation is caused.

an easy to clean and a pleasant feeling to the skin, make this product the wonderful toys for men. as you can see, there is not only for women stimulating products. a lot of fun with your new toy.

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