How important is penis size?

How important is penis size?

How important is the penis size for women on their way to orgasm really? Scientists are trying to answer. First off: It’s complicated …

If a woman wants to raze the self-esteem of a man in the second ( and we assume that NONE of you really wants that ), then she makes a derogatory remark about the size of his penis.

“So that’s what you say: big man, small penis.”

BOOM. That sits. The good man may not recover for years from the complex that has just been implanted.

Here …

Is penis size really important?

In fact, the average size of the human penis – relative to the body – is the largest of all primates. Ugga – you could actually be proud of that. But when it comes to the question of whether a big man is also particularly attractive or improves sex, the ghosts differ.

For a study published in 2013, women were presented with photos of naked men of different stature. In fact, the subjects felt more attracted to the Long Dong models, especially if they were particularly fit and muscular. Curiously, the interest sank, however, when the pictured penises in the non-erect, so flaccid state were longer than 7.6 centimeters ….
How important is penis size?

The inference of the scientists shows curiosities: even the sight of a too big penis causes fears of possible pain during sex. ( Anders was the case, incidentally, was carried out as the same test with gay men. These preferred the giant Dödel .)

Big penis = better sex?

Dear readers, we summarize: Impressive penis length is attractive (therefore many people googling the penis size of the stars). Too big penis scares. But does penis size improve our sex?

In another investigation, researchers have found: If her partner has a large penis, women are more likely to come to orgasm . Mind you: for vaginal orgasm!

Because women experience different orgasms in different positions – most often and fastest, however, by stimulation of the clitoris, in which the size of the penis does not matter at all. Even the legendary G-spot, a particularly erogenous nerve zone, is already within inches of the vagina. In fact, to rub and excite you does not need a monster tool.

Do these truths make the guys easier? Of course not. Which is why we recommend the so-called Stretch-App to specially offended individuals . With their help, you can pull at least on photos certain body parts in the sexy length …

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