How to Find and Properly Stimulate The G-Spot of Women ?

How to Find and Properly Stimulate The G-Spot of Women ?

Don’t be shy, if you do not feel anything stimulating at the G-spot. Many women, so to speak, first have to “learn” the sexual enjoyment of the G-spot.

If the G-Spot has rarely been stimulated so far, then the body may not yet have learned to perceive the stimulation as sexually arousing. In order to form the corresponding synapses in the somatosensory cortex of the brain (you may forget the name directly), it is important to stimulate the nerve endings in the G-spot over and over again. Over time, massaging and touching the G-spot will always feel better and better for you.

“I have to pee!”

Many women only feel the urge to pee when they stimulate their G-spot. This is because the urethra lies in the immediate vicinity of the G-spot. The nerve endings must first learn to distinguish between the G-spot and the urethra. This is how a “Oh my god I pee” quickly becomes a “Oh my god I’m coming !!!”

So How Do You Properly Stimulate The G-Spot?

If your partner can really enjoy the G-Spot stimulation, there are so many ways to build up a lot of sexual arousal in the G-spot.

In general, you can stimulate the G-spot with your fingers, or of course with the penis. With the fingers, it is much easier due to the anatomical conditions. Stimulation with the penis, during the actual sex, is usually better for both partners.

Stimulating only with the fingers can be really intense and bring a women to orgasm quickly. However, this act is pretty mechanical. Nevertheless, if your girlfriend is very difficult to orgasm, it can be helpful.

For a better overall experience, stimulate the G-spot with the penis during sex. You can make love, feel and enjoy yourself intensively. Sure, a similarly intensive stimulation of the G-spot (in comparison to the fingers) is not possible! But that is not so wild!

G-Spot Stimulate With Your Fingers

Important: Make sure your partner is wet and your fingernails are clean. Women are – surprise – within their vagina very sensitive and sensitive to pain!

When you have found the G-spot, start it with a “come here” movement of your fingers  (first a finger, later you can take a second) to gently massage.

Stimulate G-Spot With Vibrators

Using vibrators to precisely stimulate G-spot is so easy to use that more and more couples  choose this way to spicy up their sex life, once you know where the G-spot is located, hand over the rest to the vibe, it helps women arouse easily.

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G-Spot Stimulate During Sex

Most beautiful for you and she is naturally the G-spot to stimulate sex. This can also help you with a bit of practice to bring a women to orgasm during sex . But beware:

Do not make the stimulation of the G-spot the center of your efforts!

First and foremost, sex is about emotions, passion, fantasies, acting out of instincts and a common connection! These things are a lot more fun for a woman than a stupid poking around in the G Zone.

That being said …

…The general rule:

The steeper the penetration angle of the penis to the abdominal wall of your partner, the sooner you will stimulate the G-spot with your penis tip.

Finally, you want to try to stimulate the top of your vagina with your penis. It is by no means important that you penetrate her deeply. On the contrary. Remember: The G point is only about 3-5 cm inside the vagina.

Here are some positions that are best for stimulating the G-Spot:

Cowgirl position

How to Find and Properly Stimulate The G-Spot of Women ?

The riding position is great for the G-spot. Not a few women can come here to orgasm best.


First and foremost, you can decide for yourself how you want it!

Almost all women prefer to move back and forth on their penis rather than up and down. This creates a lot of pressure on the vaginal walls – where the G-spot is located.

Missionary position

My personal favorite position for G-spot stimulation. Important in the missionary position: Your penis should penetrate “down” into the vagina. So put her a pillow under her bottom, for example. Or you grab your partner’s knees and push her knees backwards (towards her head) so that her pelvis automatically comes up.

Another variation is putting her legs on her shoulders. In support of this, you can then pull your pelvis further up with your hands.

In the missionary position, there are numerous variations in which your pelvis can be pushed upwards. Just be creative and see where the journey takes you!


How to Find and Properly Stimulate The G-Spot of Women ?

From the back, the correct angle is actually given automatically. So you come more or less directly to the top of the vagina. Moreover, you can not penetrate so deeply into them here. Your penis tip will find the G-spot much easier.

Spoon on spoon

You are lying on your back here and your partner is also lying with her back on you. You can now thrive wonderfully from below while stimulating your G-spot.

The snake trap

No idea if the position really is so, or if there is an “official” term for it at all.

In any case, you’re lying here on your back, while your partner occupies the same position as in the spoon to spoon position – just the other way around (so with your face to you).

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