How to Store Sex Toys

Sex toys are safe for bodily use, but they can be quite reactive when put next to alike or opposing materials. It is vital to be careful when storing your sex toys. If you mix your sex toys (particularly silicone, rubber, latex, realistic feel and jelly sex toys) you may soon discover that they start to look melted or slightly misshapen.

We can’t overstate how important it is that you store your sex toys separately if you don’t want a nasty surprise the next time you reach for your favourite toy.

By keeping your toys stored completely separately, you’ll ensure they last for as long as possible, maximising your fun!

A lot of luxury sex toys now come with their own pouches and special boxes, allowing you to store them individually.

A cheap and cheerful way to store your sex toys is to use cardboard boxes, envelopes or socks to ensure the materials don’t touch.

The dos & no nos of sex toy maintenance below so you can enjoy the yes yes yes! 

  1. DO clean your toys before you store them
    DO inspect toys for damage before putting them away
    DO store every single sex toy separately

  2. DON’T store your toys all together
    DON’T allow any of your toys to touch each other
    DON’T put toys away before they are completely dry

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