what is a masturbator and what tools are there?

masturbator a masturbator is a sex toy, especially for men. usually, this kind of toys based on the female vagina, or this innovation. the objective is the sexual male fantasy that year.

if you are looking for the suitable masturbator are, you should know what kind of masturbator you best responds to. after all, there are many different products in this sector. here, we would like to you, including the new features a little closer. what makes a heats, saugfunktion or stoßbewegung really?

place your own sexual preferences and wishes, before you buy just any masturbator. make up your mind as, for example, whether you prefer an anal or vaginal opening of interest. some models represent both variants.

in addition, you can pay attention to what should be the masturbator, because there are, for example:


  • latex masturbator
  • silicone masturbator
  • cyberskin masturbator

these materials are very good stretch, or even in the temperature different influence. the cleaning is carried out by flowing water in silicone very easy.

according to the masturbator, feel as a man just like in a vagina, if it is the right toys of your dreams. the masturbator is, as has already been mentioned as aid to masturbation.

you would have thought that some designs even the so-called hymen imitate? thus, you can offer your male imagination further suggestions.

the nature and form of the inside – masturbator

the internal structure of a masturbator has a very big impact. the männerspielzeug is example with grooves or studs, and a combination of both.

usually, you will most likely feel intense emotions, as a man, if you’re a masturbator with varied structure decide.

the structure simulates real forms and new experiences. you like the feeling into something close to, which in turn gives much pleasure.

if you, however, little fingers, or burling prefer, you can also choose for this implementation.

before you order, you should look very closely at what extent the manufacturer indicates. the feeling of your penis is hard, when the input is made very narrow. your penis is very broad, you must according to order, because in such cases also has lubricant has its limits. the material is normally very good to stretch and adapts to your penis, it is also very smooth.

particularly popular masturbatoren and differences

masturbator because the market according to the tastes of men, very comprehensive, there are also many models for men in the field of masturbatoren. this is not only an attractive design, but also a good production. many men like it when the acorn masturbating is stimulated.

in addition, it is recommended, if the product of several vibrationsprogramme available. this is unexpected mood levels. you’re looking for the verwöhnungsgenuss at the highest level? then how would it be, for example, with a doppelvibrator? you can for example, realistically shaped piece, so you back to a woman, both with a record, as well as with a vaginal liebesöffnung imagine.

certainly, it is your goal to find a masturbator, you a natural feeling, isn’t it? it will surprise you that today, even special vibro bullets, which in addition pulse and the toys are integrated.

fundamental differences

the drive of the device is, in principle, so as to distinguish whether it is a manual operation or vibration, or an automatic stoßmasturbator.

some models are battery powered. a masturbator, a motor equipped in your head is. it is your total penis comfortable massage. the stimulation can be either intensive or continuously.

if you like, you can even for a model, decide what you can enjoy even completely hands-free. let you individually personalised your favorite toy to acne and your every: spots to achieve.

the special and new stoßfunktion

if you are looking for the very special experience, you should get a masturbator with stoßfunktion. in most cases, such a telescope masturbator with special tools provided. get your best piece of special massage and feel like a real job. you’ll lose in the seventh heaven of promotion, you can choose between different stoßprogrammen.

this means that you can choose your speed of the roadway. the handling of the most masturbatoren with stoßfunktion feature is intended to a smooth surface that you can attach. usually, a battery charger. in this variation, you, of course, your strokes both hands free.

eighth at these new electric variants on the hubbewegung in the hublänge and the adjustable speed of the hubbewegung.

you wish you hours of oral sex? you should such a realistic blowjob – masturbator with stoßfunktion look.

additional vibrationsfunktionen

some models have an additional function with vibration. in this case, you can usually for the corresponding vibrationsstufe decide. perhaps there is also a separate radio remote control, if it is a setspielzeug. as your partner, for example, the strength of the vibration control.

vibration with advantages and disadvantages

if you choose a masturbator with vibration, both advantages and disadvantage. a key advantage is, for example, that you’re there and this new feeling with you as particularly successful. maybe i’ll start so that the best highlights of your life.

the disadvantage is, however, a so-called desensibilisierungseffekt. this means that a masturbator with high vibrationsfrequenz eventually regular application could get no satisfaction more. you may have problems with later that, in another way, the peak to reach.

in the event that you’re single and continue your masturbator with vibration regularly uses, you should always keep in mind. otherwise, there may be a so-called vibrationsabhängigkeit.

a perfect blowjob masturbator

you want to blow you, so enjoy the imagination and stimulate it? in this case, there are special versions with a so-called autoblow function. this job you will certainly never forget. if you belong to the beginner, you can, for example, with pockets of masturbator start. so you will soon find out what your best. remember that it may have allergic reactions can occur, silicone is, in most cases, however, especially the skin.

the saugfunktion

a masturbator with special saugfunktion looks mostly like the mouth of a woman. guide your penis almost directly in the simulated mouth and enjoy the warm, flexible material. you really have the feeling, as if the taschenmuschi your penis in your mouth and suck on that. some comments are also in combination with additional vibration.

usually a masturbator with saugfunktion as a tube manufactured. now very many comments from either silicon or cyberskin manufactured. by such a specially crafted tunnel you experience very special highlights, because it feels like in vacuum.

the new heats it makes realistic

if you literally hot moments are, you go after a masturbator with wärmefunktion around.

this is not only your penis and your penis massage, but also warm and. a real feeling you never did!

such a masturbator is mostly a heats up to 40 degrees to you. did you know that warmth in your penis for a much better blood circulation provides? get you a very intense experience with this toy as lustmuschi.

the best are you using, at the same time, the suitable lubricant. there is of course a masturbator with heats and simultaneous vibration in the wide world of sex toys and lustgrotten. maybe if you decide on a waterproof version?

the fleshlight masturbator with special structure

have you been in the special fleshlight products on the market around? they offer a very special authentic sensual experience for men.

the secret of the fleshlight lies not only in the change of the structure. the material of the inner life is definitely worth the money and makes for a very real sense. the perfect interior lies mainly in a plastic version, and the man must be yourself for everything else.

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the fleshlight is therefore rather than classical masturbator without much electric rock home. what but not bad.

other simple models, on the other hand, stimulate you in your hand, if you increase the pressure, if without a hard außenwandung. or do all the work for you automatically for you bzwr decide for a mechanical masturbator, you have no limits. but later mehr…

there must be a liebespuppe?

of course, you can also experiment with liebespuppen, in this case, you have the choice of several lustkanälen which you, as a man is available. live your anal and oral preferences with a liebespuppe wish and choose your favorite design.

if you, however, news on the market promises, you can get a spanker order. the advantage of this sex toy is mainly that you make him with the woman as paarspielzeug can use.

you can very good control and need for stimulation, often not even your hands. if required, the integrated pillow removed or replaced. this masturbator is relatively durable and versatile.

the perfect comedy with the taschenmuschi

where women like a dildo or vibrator masturbation use, in your case, as a man buy a pocket pussy anyway in the game. if you to the classic masturbation with your hand as an alternative to the hand job search, you must in this category of sex toys around.

the masturbator, you can either bring new flavor in sexual life, or simply increase your sexual arousal. the typical and well-known brands and manufacturers include:

popular brands from amazon

  • orion you2you
  • paloqueth
  • johnson
  • lumunu
  • fleshlight

the conclusion of the toy.

we can in the current supply for a model today. if you are one of the best classics like, then look at the fleshlight in flashlights. here, we say, is the brand with well rated as the lookout.

talk to us but the long-awaited new technical wonder a little more. we men love technology. so why should i buy a pocket pussy anyway not stoßbewegung run, indoor warm and also vibrate.

the technology for the new brand is really amazing progress. the old brands products stay for the price is often far back and we must therefore men think themselves on discovery and the best masturbator according to our wishes. fortunately, the fun 🙂

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