the minivibrator focus – little spaßbringer great feelings

small, portable, and as a true powerhouse of minivibrator offers everything you can to give an ordinary vibrator and bring even more benefits. it is easy for the road used by its size, is often not be plain design and is the perfect place for all einsteigerinnen or when you to a spaßbringer – also for the road – seek.

the basics of what makes a minivibrator from –

minivibrator vibrators are generally considered the most popular sex toys for women and its function as lustbringer regardless of your sexual partners in common, but they can equally well by the partners or for your lovemaking can be used the vibrator in a mini format can be both vaginal and anal eingeführen and stimulates depending on your individual preferences the erogenous zone of the clitoris, vagina to anusbereich. are you using it, on the other hand, as auflegevibrator, so he can also more easily stimulating body like nipples, kneecap or the inner thighs to spoil.
as you achieve this as well as in other aspects of size, shape and applicability are the different models of the vibrators. the market offers a wide selection of and this is for your tastes also determines the appropriate minivibrator.

if it does not vibrate, then we recommend you a mini toy products.

the minivibrator – similarities and differences

even if its size up to 15cm certainly not with ordinary vibrators can keep up, you should not underestimate the minivibrator and his force and you rather a surprise in playing happy. also on an existing variety of models you have not abandoned, because minivibratoren there are as many statements as their big brothers. most vibrators are battery powered, partly by means of electricity to recharge and have usually several vibrationsstufen and various essays and programs.
they differ in size, material property and color, especially in its form. the developers have creative design more sophisticated. particularly striking are the vibrators with a special essay in dolphin or schmetterlingsform, as klitorisreizer serves. in addition, you can find, but also classical models with a more reliable touch. exclusively, the vibrators, a komsetikprodukt, lipstick and mascara imitation and as a funny gift for friends.
depending on the form and nature is to introduce more or you can get help with a lubricant. there is a smooth curved vibrators execution or with grooves. while this, in particular, a stimulation of the g-spot seek suitable tapers to current minivibratoren for a vibrationserlebnis anal.
with reiznoppen and exchangeable essays is the vibrators as well as massager or you can of the watertight models relaxing in the bathtub or shower use.


  • portable and easy to einführbar
  • discreet us with great designs
  • fully equipped


  • no special tools
  • eventually, mini

material, texture and care

the surface layer of the minivibratoren is usually replica of silicone rubber and tpe are soft, warm, and elastic. by their nature, the materials köperwärme not just easy, but to save more. the soft and elastic component, and the silky – smooth surface allows a comfortable eingleiten. this increases as the haptic sensitivity, so the perception of mechanical stimuli such as vibration, which these small lustbringer already fully to fortune.

in order to minivibrator in pleasure, should the right care needed to be paid attention to.
little tip, do you want to buy a minivibrator silicon or already have. it should only be used in water-based gleitcremes which the material does not become porous and thus maintain the gameplay.

with lukewarm water and mild soap is particularly easy and effective cleaning, but should be considered if the respective vibrator for use with water geeeignet and sufficiently wassergeschützt. this is the case also offers a natural and chemical free ingredients shower gel for appropriate care. it should be clean without water, can quickly and effectively the vibrator with an antiseptic spray of bacteria and germs are exempt. there are also special cleaning products exclusively for sex toys, which is another advantage, the qualitätserhalt ingredients for the silikonoberfläche to own.

conclusion – little jack of all trades

the desire which you will be able to give a minivibrator should not be underestimated, because the beautiful models of unremarkable stylishly to playful, have a full program of mild to intense vibrations. their versatility, you bring a lot of variety, and so can you spaßbringer either to go or to introduce massage alone or in pairs for use at any time and you have a small, sweet break.

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