New study: The size makes it, right?

Does a bigger penis automatically mean greater happiness during sex? Or should men finally believe women, that it is the technology that is crucial? Even if these questions can never be answered conclusively, SI deals online with the latest discussion on the subject.
New study: The size makes it, right?
The good news for the men first: 323 women are not necessarily representative. A Scottish university interviewed said number of ladies for the “Journal of Sexual Medicine” about their sex life and their orgasm ability. The result: A majority of the respondents only reach a vaginal orgasm when having sex with a man with an above-average penis length. Researcher Stuart Brody explains this in comparison to “live science” : “A longer penis is more likely to stimulate the entire length of the vagina and the cervix.” Other researchers, on the other hand, remain skeptical when it comes to the bigger-the-better theory , Finally, there is not only the vaginal orgasm, but also the clitoral, says researcher Barry Komisaruk. And not every woman prefers the vaginal.

In general , the woman herself seems to have much influence on the result of the sexual act. The “Journal of Sexual Medicine” includes research that shows that women can “think” to orgasm . And that a vaginal orgasm is reserved for women with good mental and physical health. Also, according to Brody, women who had been educated early on the “abilities of their vagina” could reach a vaginal climax rather.

Professor Beverly Whipple, however, is less concerned with the results of Brody’s research, she generally finds it difficult to combine sex with “goal orientation”. The sexuality of a couple is healthier when it focuses on interpersonal relationships rather than reaching a climax.

The men’s world seems to be tired of the eternal penis discussion as well. A British journalist dedicated an article to the said study, in which he reversed the spit. “If the size of the penis plays a role, then so does the vagina. And, men may put the Master Key in a door, but if the lock is too big, it will not open. “ He’s fed up with confronting men who feel they’re not enough, just because there’s always new research always presented new results. On the other hand, he still awaits research results on the influence of the size of the vagina on the satisfaction of a man.

And then he opens yet another door, he brings the Kamasutra into play. Namely, the Indian love textbook divides men and women into three groups on the basis of penis size or width and depth of the vagina. If two people from the same group meet, they should be able to achieve the highest erotic pleasure. So there is still hope for all women and men who are still looking for a fulfilled sex life, because what is the name of this beautiful country after all? There is a matching lid for each pot.

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