Seven facts about sextoys that you certainly did not know

Seven facts about sex<a href=toys that you certainly did not know”

There is the right toy for every taste.

Seven facts about sex<a href=toys that you certainly did not know”>

  • Already in the Paleolithic there has been a dildo in Germany. 
  • Six more facts about sextoys are presented here.

Snakes, dolphins, sharks, elephants, bears or even scorpions – these terms not only describe exotic zoo inhabitants.

► No, they are also part of a wide range of sex toys.

When it comes to sex toys, the imagination knows no bounds. Whether waterproof, lifelike or XXL, there is the right toy for every taste and every preference.

And that’s just an excerpt from the world of love gadgets. We’ve collected seven facts about sextoys that you probably do not know yet:

1. The oldest dildo comes from Germany

Seven facts about sex<a href=toys that you certainly did not know”>
Who would have thought that even 28,000 years ago, people did not want to be satisfied only with their own body parts. In a cave near Schelklingen in Baden-Wuerttemberg university researchers found again and again elongated stone elements, which they could finally put together into a phallus – which looks like a dildo for confusion.

A ring notch on the edge of the valuable find piece should have provided the scientists with clear evidence that their discovery is actually a penis. Also, the unusually long shape and the discernible sanding marks assume that the phallus was created by human hands.

What the 19.2 centimeters long and 2.8 centimeters thick Paleolithic penis was used, could not be clearly determined. Either it could have been purely symbolic or could have been used as a tool.

► No matter how people used the Ice Age penis, he goes down in history at least under the name “Phallus von Schelklingen” .


2. Vibration against “female hysteria”

That sexual frustration leads to a bad mood, probably know most. And that this is also the case with women, seems logical.

However, for a long time, women’s sexual needs were ignored, and the symptoms of pleasure, such as increased vaginal moisture, were called a disease.

The whole thing was called “female hysteria” .

In order to free the women from the exclusively female suffering and to prevent them from going crazy, the orgasm was a remedy. Physicians did not see it sexually, but as a remedy for a disease. And such an orgasm meant hard manual labor for the doctors.

Therefore, the British doctor and inventor Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville already in the late 18th century the first electric vibrator . Almost 20 kilos and 15 centimeters long was the so-called “Granvilles Hammer”. Operating with zinc-carbon batteries, the drill-like vibrator at the top had a bullet that vibrated.

With his hammer Granville was able to help many doctors to do without the strenuous vaginal massages while treating more patients. Granville himself, however, allegedly never lend a hand.

3. Vibrators still at the top

Rummaged enough in the past, off to the present. Meanwhile, the range of sextoys far beyond the vibrator and the female orgasm is considered a trump card and not as a medical remedy.

But, which toys do the Germans really like?

► Number one is undisputed – and in numerous surveys and studies – the vibrator . What already helped at the time, probably still works today.

In 2017, 569 women were asked, according to the online portal “Statista” , which sex toys they would own. 78 percent have a vibrator. 59 percent of the respondents own a dildo and both love balls and handcuffs exist in 35 percent of women.

But with only one sex toy it usually does not stay, as a survey of the online sex shop “Amorelie” shows. In 2015, 8,850 respondents found that 47 percent of women and 45 percent of men own two to four toys . As a reason, 76 percent said that they would want to heat their sex lives, 72 percent would just enjoy it and 15 percent would need the toys to come to the joint lovemaking orgasm.

► Speaking of orgasm: 67 percent of the interviewed women said that they would come to an orgasm after ten minutes alone with a sex toy, ie without a partner.


4. From the Obama Dildo to the Justin Bieber Love Doll

Who wants to buy a sex toy, may be quiet picky. Everything can be adjusted: the color, the material, the shape, the face.

► Yes, also the face.

On the website “Celebrity Dildo” , hardcore Barack Obama fans can order a dildo with the face of the former US president . For soccer affine the sex toy provider also provides a David Beckham dildo.

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If a celebrity penis is not enough, you can get your star home in full body size. On Amazon, for example, there is the “Dirty Christina Fantasy Doll” . A sex doll that makes the dream of a night with Christina Aquilera come true. Or the “Just-iN Beaver love doll” , with which the fans can lie down in the arms of a plastic Justin Bieber.

Also, some porn actor wanted to participate in the business with the lifelike sextoys and have given their vegetables as a template for dildos. Who feels turned on by a porno celebrity, so at least get the penis in your own bedroom.

Finally, a treat: For all “Shape of Water” fans , who have always wondered, as the penis of the muscular fish man actually looks, there is an answer. The sex toy manufacturer “XenoCat Artifacts” released a dildo earlier this year to represent the creature’s creature.

► What sounds bizarre was a big hit with the customers.


5. Between bizarre and exquisite

Even in the world of sex toys, the providers compete with each other. On the one hand in the category “Best Sex Toys” and on the other hand also in the price.

When it comes to reputation, the “Altporn Award” stands out as a figurehead for creativity and subcultures. Annually, the prize is awarded and, above all, as the word itself describes, is aimed at alternative pornography – from Gothic to tattoo and piercing lovers.

Among the numerous categories, such as “Best Porn Actor” or “Best Neird Shoot”, also sextoys are rated.

Last year, the online provider “Bad Dragon” dusted twice. As a unique selling point, the manufacturer wants to offer toys in which the heart of every fantasy lover beats faster. It hardly seems surprising that the dildo “Ika”, which looks like a big tentacle with fat suckers, took first place last year. Of course, the color of the Tetankel can choose Fantasy Neirds themselves.

► The sex industry, however, not only serves the marginal categories, but also the high society.

Whether made of gold, silver or Swarovski stones, sextoys can also radiate glamor. Only consumers have to pay extra for the luxury.

The most expensive vibrator in the world comes from the Swedish sex shop “LELO”. Covered with 24-carat gold and a stainless steel core, the vibrator “Inez” costs 12,000 euros.

Whether a better result can be achieved with real gold, remains open.

6. Sextoys – a privilege

Even though the vibrator used to be medicine, sextoys do not have a good reputation everywhere and are even banned in some countries. Prohibited because they fall into the realm of pornography. 

Everybody should be aware of this, who wants to go on vacation and maybe wants to bring a vibrating companion.

► Bright sun, turquoise-blue water, white beaches – and no sex toys. In the Maldives everyone has to enjoy themselves or their partner.

► Also in the land of ladyboys, cheap prostitutes and sex tourism, sex toys are prohibited. We are talking about Thailand . Here, vibrators and dildos are called prohibited goods.

► In India , shape and appearance play an important role. If a sex toy looks too much like a true genital, its possession is illegal. A simple massage stick, however, may be used officially.

► And now to the USA. Yes, right, even in the land of limitless possibilities, there are limitations. In the southern Mississippi and Alabama no sex toys may be sold locally. This seems like an old but never abolished rule. But in Alabama, for example, this ban has only been in force since 1998.

Even with the Texans, certain rules must be adhered to. If you have more than six of these “obscene devices”, you are liable to prosecution. So it is in the law on the area “violations of public order and propriety” .

7. The dildo in the bedside table

An important question must be clarified around the topic of sex toys, of course: where to go?

According to a survey of the online sex shop “EIS” every second German would keep his sex toy in the bedside table, as the news portal “Bild” reported.

► Almost 40 percent of respondents would prefer a discreet box.

► A corner in the wardrobe represents the right hiding place for every third survey participant.

All these places also seem to be near-by. But some respondents are a bit fancier.

In addition to screwdrivers, nuts and pliers is one percent of Germans and a sex toy between the tools .

And another percent claimed to hide their toys in the vault . Maybe it was those who made the 12,000 euro luxury dildo.

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