do you want to have a completely new way of masturbation? gefühlsechter, more intense, and more exciting than ever before.

then the shock vibrator just the thing for you! thanks to theshock vibrator relieved you your fantasies and stimulates you, without eigenaufwand.

this is definitely more fun alone.

what is a shock vibrator and how does it work?

stoßvibrator simple simulation by a vibrator by vibration was yesterday. the stoßvibrator can do much more.

it stimulates your clitoris vibration and penetrated the vagina completely automatically.

a built-in small engine and flexible, comfortable material (usually hautfreundliches silicone) make it possible that the vibrator at regular intervals in front, and thus the feeling of real penetration sympathizes.

as the vibration is the depth and hardness, with the penis in the vagina with penetration, with most equipment set.

you can according to your own experience to the stoßfunktion mood.

what different stoßvibratoren are there?

like all sex toys, there are a variety of implementation of the stoßvibratoren in optics, haptics, functioning and stimulation.

very simple vibrators to detail images of a penis is there anything your heart desires. there are also colors depending on manufacturer and taste everything all pink on black, to the natural skin color.

the materials have the stoßvibratoren but one thing in common: the material is flexible and elastic, since it is during the stoßens expand and compress. thus, the preferred main material of silicon. a stoßvibrator from glass or metal, you are looking for.

in the stimulation are different products such as simple vibrators by the size of the glans and the preparation of veins by the barrel. of course, there are also
stoßvibratoren with klitorisreizer, if you like to stimulate will double.

another important difference depending on the product, the depth and intensity, with the vibrator in the automatic stoßfunktion enters into the vagina.

what has to be in the care of a shock vibrators note?

in the use of sex toys, it is very important to pay attention to the hygiene.

therefore, if the toy after and even before each use with warm water and mild soap thoroughly rinsed.

if you are very picky, there are also extra for the sensitive silicone developed toy cleaner, the stoßvibrator gently but very carefully sanitized and kill bacteria.

pre – and nschteile a sock vibrators

the stoßvibrator definitely more joy and fun in the bedroom, is out of the question. the integrated stoßfunktion he is far superior to a simple vibrator and imitates the intercourse gefühlsechter as per a dildo before. vibration and stoßfunktion the vagina, at the same time, two different species stimulated, which facilitated a greater peak can lead.

what some women but in their exciting fantasies may disturb, is the most penetrating volume of toys. through the on – and off movement and the vibration is summendes sound, which unfortunately seems inevitable.

another disadvantage is the high energy and smout batterieverbrauch the device during frequent use is caused.

if a stoßvibrator soon, should, therefore, always a pack of batteries in the house.

the extra the stoßfunktion is the stoßvibrator in the purchase of a little more expensive than a standard vibrator or dildo.


who is open to new and more intense gefühlsechter likes to be alone and be stimulated should on the purchase of a stoßvibrators think. he has a multiple of irritation of the erogenous zone and you will certainly experience the desire to obtain.

who is very sensitive to noise and is in no mood, always have to change batteries, maybe in the conventional ‚handbetriebenem‘ dildo. as women who prefer to glass or metalldildos attack, with a stoßvibrator wouldn’t be happy.

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