Sexuality is an important issue during and especially after pregnancy. Sexologist Sara Tael has some tips to help you boost your sex life after pregnancy.

In the body of a mother

With a child life changes abruptly. The daily routine is upside down and the schedule is getting tighter and tighter. With the new responsibility, you are fully committed to your role as mom and dad. In the evening you will fall dead tired in your bed and the sex stays on the track very fast.
Women are often faced with the additional problem that their body changes during pregnancy and childbirth. The figure is not the same anymore, maybe scars from pregnancy have remained. Most mothers breastfeed their children. The breast becomes a source of food and the perspective of one’s own femininity shifts from woman to mother. Whether you are a woman or a mother but does not really care, just enjoy the fun of the seduction!

Seduction begins with yourself

Self-confidence is a complex construct. If you feel comfortable in your skin, you will not have a problem with your self-esteem. Whether we actually feel well depends on many different factors. Most of them, however, you can influence yourself. For example, by creating a pleasant atmosphere. Meet with your girls or have a nice spa day. Underline your femininity with beautiful lingerie and seductive fashion – the main thing, you feel good!

Stimulate your imagination

As a sexual being you need a little bit of inspiration from time to time. Often we believe that our desire can be switched on at the press of a button. If that does not work, a bit of inspiration can be very helpful. For example, an erotic book that you can read alone to enjoy your pleasure. You can also read to each other or watch a movie together (for example, a porno movie , that’s women-friendly pornography – stylish and aesthetic). When you realize that you feel like it, send a message to your lover and let him know what you are thinking of.

Of course, your lover also has a great influence on your self-esteem

We all probably know what it feels like when a day goes quite differently than we had imagined in the morning. Quality Time does not come by itself. You have to schedule them tight, so that something “important” does not come between them again. Plan dates with your lover, where you only have time for each other. That’s not to say that you have to jump into the box right away. It’s also nice to talk outside the stressful everyday life, to get to know each other and fall in love again. Take your dates seriously and get ready for them, like on your first date. This means that a chic outfit is an absolute must. Have a nice look, make yourself fresh and cut each other off the stool! Planning your dates does not just have the advantage

Sexologist Sara TaelsSexologist Sara Taels
In short, if you have neglected your femininity behind your role as a mother, take some time for yourself again from now on. You will soon discover that a short break in which you only take care of yourself will work wonders ,

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