what is meant by sadism and masochism?

the words of sadism and masochism (or “bondage”) are now very fashionable, and know many, in fact, not what is really behind it. in addition, it is to distinguish between different variants, some of which may be punishable. sadism and masochism: the pleasure in the pain of sadism versteht  the tendency of people to dominate, to humiliate or inflict pain. the term is french writer marquis de sade back, in his works, such practices are described. you can, with and without the consent of the partners will take place, as in the case of a rape case. in this case, they are punishable. but also in agreement, it must, according to law, no serious injuries. the counterpart of the sadists are masochists who wish to submit and cause pain. in psychology, the masochism as against itself a form of sadism. he is named after the writer sacher masoch. sadism or masochism is a disease?   if such practices under the consent of all beteiligten  successes, they are up to the above exceptions not punishable in medical terms to classify disease, although it is, of course, theories, such as tendencies arise. a treatment is therefore only for large methods affected, or if there are criminal offences.   

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