What sexting does with our relationships

What sexting does with our relationships

Whether writing dirty messages is good for the relationship depends on two factors, according to one study.
What sexting does with our relationships

  • In a survey more than half of the respondents indicated that they had ever sent sex messages
  • Whether sexting is really good for the relationship depends on two factors

If you sent a dirty message to your partner to spice up your relationship a bit , then you’re not alone: ​​58 percent of a total of 352 students interviewed for a study by Computers in Human Behavior said they did have ever sent erotic sex messages, about 62 percent that they have received.

The most common reasons for writing sexy messages at all is that you either want to flirt with your partner or just want to make him or her happy.
Quite comprehensible ambitions – but are these goals actually achieved by sending erotic messages?


Two factors determined the success of sexting

The good news is that sexting is generally good for a relationship, at least not hurting it. Nearly half of respondents said that their sent sex messages had produced either positive or neutral results.

However, it has also been found that there are two factors that significantly affect whether sexting causes harm in the love life: on the one hand the gender of the sender of the message and on the other the nature of the relationship that one maintains with the sexual partner .

Women have also had negative experiences with sexting. Why that is so, we can only speculate. But in the face of the amount of uninvited dickpics and the degrading language that sex news keeps bringing to women, it does not really surprise us.


Couples are happier in their relationship

For the same reason, it also seems logical that people who frequently have changing partners have also had worse experiences with sexting than those who are in a committed relationship.

“Many people experience rejection or worry about what happens to the images they have recently sent, and some even report malaise or trauma when using photos,” says Michelle Drouin, author of the study, opposite the platform PsyPost .

But for all those who live in a committed relationship with a person they truly trust, sexting has many benefits. Another Drexel University study found that the couples who were more likely to send each other erotic messages were also happier in their relationships.


The feel-good factor with the partner is important

Whether sexting is for you depends, as so many other things do, on how well you feel with your sexting partner.

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