Women report sports orgasms

Women report sports orgasms

Sporty highlights are experienced by some women literally. A study shows in which sports they had – accidentally or intentionally – an orgasm. The researchers hope their work can help women who otherwise struggle with sex.

In fact, this is an old story: Already in 1953, the American sex researcher Alfred Kinsey and his colleagues reported that five percent of the women they interviewed had experienced an orgasm in sports. Here and there are references in lifestyle and sports magazines. However, the phenomenon has scarcely been scientifically researched so far. Therefore, the study by Debby Herbenick and Dennis Fortenberry of Indiana University is quite a novelty.

In the journal “Sexual and Relationship Therapy” they report on the results of an anonymous online survey in which 370 women reported on the stimulating effect of various physical exercises. The results contradict the thesis that female orgasm is a purely sexual affair, the researchers write. “You can also tell us more about the physical processes underlying the female orgasm,” says Herbenick.

In the survey, 124 women stated that they had experienced a peak in sport at least once. The majority said she had no sexual fantasies. 246 reported pleasant excitement, which did not culminate in an orgasm. 40 percent of women experienced these feelings or an orgasm more than ten times during sports. The participants were 18 to 63 years old; Minors should not fill in the questionnaire. Most of them were heterosexual, had a relationship or were married.

How widespread the phenomenon is, this form of questioning can not clarify. That, however, 370 women reported in the five-week study period, suggest that it does not happen too often, the researchers say.

Abdominal Training, Tennis, Pilates

Just over half of the women said they had reached a sports orgasm while exercising their abdominals, in sit-ups or similar exercises. Lifting weights, tennis, pilates, yoga, aerobics, cycling, horse riding and running were also mentioned. Although most women stated that they had made the experience quite happy, many were embarrassed, especially out of concern that someone else might have noticed their agitation.

While some women stated that the orgasm happened rather by accident, others thought they could control the experience and repeat it in sports.

Herbenick and Fortenberry note that although there are some case reports of spontaneous, non-sexually experienced orgasms, which mostly as a side effect of taking psychotropic drugs or similar drugs occurred. However, why women experienced an orgasm in sports was unclear. If the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles are strained, this could put pressure on the inside of the clitoris and thus lead to an orgasm. Also, the quick breathing in sports could at least promote the climax.

Researchers could now investigate how movements in sports differ from those with which women achieve orgasm when having sex with a partner or masturbating. It may be possible to develop exercises that make it easier for women to reach a vaginal climax – which many women want, according to the scientists.

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