what is a Tongue Vibrator?


The tongue vibrator also referred to as tongue and are small loss spender vibe with cool appearance. thanks to flexible rubber ring can you simply on the tongue vibrator and the great fun can begin. the vibration drive you to the extension. Of course can you ring on your finger on your penis or on your toe and the strip like let it run its course. the vibrator has a smooth and flexible shaft, which is shaped like a tongue. the powerful motor vibrates so in different modes. the soft surface just feels good.

different materials

the most common materials in a zungenvibrator include jelly and silicone. the big advantage of a jelly zungenvibrator is in addition to the soft material, the reasonable price. silicone models require a little more money, feel that without long based interface. view memory card images warm. thanks to the smooth surface, you can easily use a zungenvibrator silicon. also, the cleaning is very easy.

what is the purchase to pay attention?

eighth, the purchase of a zungenvibrator strictly to the volume. the device should be in operation less than 50 decibels). also, the system is the purchase of an important point. you have the choice between battery vibrators and models using a battery in operation. a lustvolleres experience do you guarantee a battery operated zungenvibrator. furthermore, you should use a model with studs that you a fun fun. a device with various vibrationsstufen and different vibrationsrhythmen is ideal. it is also important to buy a zungenvibrator, no harmful plasticizer contains.

with the tongue vibrator stimulating tongue games

a zungenvibrator offers you great zungenspiele. the lusttoy should be free of plasticizers and odorless. due to the elastic nature of fits the sextoy very pleasant to your skin. with a zungenvibrator because you on your tongue, do you a lifelike feeling is guaranteed. do you also abküssbares lubricant, you’ll get a maximum benefit. some models are also waterproof, and with the aid of the supplied usb charger wiederaufladbar.

simple cleaning

the cleaning is very easy. you can zungenvibrator after use with soap and water clean in the blink of an eye and, when necessary, use a toycleaner. this is your little toy always all in.

many advantages

the vibrating zungenvibrator offers you many advantages. firstly, he
stimulated stimulating the vagina and the clitoris. the vorteilhafterweise handling is also very simple. the anatomically perfectly shaped lips are positioned at the desired core and then you turn on the device through the einhandschalters conveniently. a cup is pleasant and the thrill of tongues züngeln sent the clitoris, so the pleasure immeasurably increased.


in whatever color you zungenvibrator buy he spoils you after all the rules of oral art and brings you guarantee the climax. vibrating tongue züngelt passionate your most intimate places and enhances you to ecstasy. an investment in a zungenvibrator is absolutely recommendable to beautiful and inspiring hours alone or in pairs to enjoy them.

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