sexualwissenschaftler explains: this is the six sexmythen turn

sexualwissenschaftler explains: this is the six sexmythen turn
all women have a g-spot? it needs for good sex orgasm? and how important is the size of the penis. we wanted to know more about that and have a sexualwissenschaftker demand. six sexmythen in expert check. the most beautiful detail in the world have a lot of stories. but what is true and what is not? i know sex therapist dr. kurt seikowski from the society for sexualwissenschaften. for he has six common sex questions answered. including the question of the g point of the woman. myth one: all women have a g-spot, “yes, all women have a g-spot anatomically,” confirms the expert. ” for many, he is somewhat stunted. through the regular stimulation, this large area around dime however sensitive. “according to the sexualtherapeuten is the g point of the woman in the front third of the vagina in the direction of wall to feel.” this area is massaged, many women first feel your bladder presses. the field continues to affect many women report that this sensation is a pleasurable feeling converts and quickly in an orgasm, “seikowski leads.
expert assumes that many women have a g-spot orgasm experience without knowing that it’s such a. a note was a more flüssigkeitsabgang. ” studies of the fluid have shown that it is not urine, but rather a secret, similar to it in the prostate of the man is formed. “myth two: a small penis is not enough to satisfy the woman, the question of the proper size of the penis it ken always countless stories. if his best piece of woman as too small is found to be largely determined by the anatomy. “here, it’s not the penis alone, but both sexual organs. the penis and the vagina must fit together, “says seikowski.” it is the sensual pleasure. the penis is too small, or even anatomically considered too big or the vagina to close or far, the necessary stimulation either off or there is pain. “the width is more important than the length of studies had shown that a penis size between 14 and 17 inches as an average. however, the length of less importance than the thickness. because, particularly in the area of scheideneingangs are a lot of sensory nerve endings, which is also a small penis “. the stimulation can be reinforced if the woman has sex with his anspannt kegels. even if you in the stomach, the man entering it and her buttocks zusammenpresst, according to the experts the feeling intensified. ” do not underestimate this issue the plan. some women like the idea of ‘complete’. in addition, it stimulates. other place on this fact worth less and enjoy more oral practice. this is very individual. eventually the couple decides whether it’s right or not. “myth three: after sex, men are tired and how about the fatigue? after the passion for men always the exhaustion? ” not necessarily, as the sex therapist knows. the fatigue is particularly in the evening, after a tiring day.
“the orgasm is an intense form of relaxation. the man is before the sex exhausted, breaks after the lovemaking the fatigue of train. “the man is rested, the morning after the lovemaking does not necessarily need a nap. on the contrary, many men have a short rest period of 20 to 30 minutes, again want to your partner, and then start the day full of energy. ” how exhausted man after lovemaking is determined in addition to stressors and individual constitution of age. with age, the game of love “, seikowski perceived as exhaustive.
also should be different erregungskurven between husband and wife; while for women the mood slowly abates and they are more active, then the curve in men after the orgasm quickly and the relaxation is fr on impact. myth four: sperm strengthens the female immune system healthy sperm is, say, men. women are skeptical. what does the expert? there are no studies which show that sperm have a positive effect on the immune system of the wife. also that the ejaculate of vitamins and minerals can be a myth.
with a healthy diet can be more, seikowski and sees the sperm no health benefits. ” this myth will have men in circulation, the more want to be spoiled, orally, the presumption of the experts. myth five: thanks to pfmt can he more and how about pelvic floor muscle training for strength, does it work? according to seikowski has the training had no effect on the sexual stamina. the pelvic floor muscle training can, however, is the sensual pleasure during sex to intensify. ” actually the training for urinary incontinence to use. as a nice side effect has been observed that it luststeigernd works, “the expert. there are studies which have shown that women who are up to four times a day to your pelvic floor in the fast rhythm of about 50 times, then, from a luststeigerung can benefit. the beckenbodenmuskel is easiest when you feel, the urinstrahl stops and back flow. in men, the technology is another. here is the muscle exercise by deliberately analmuskel tense.   myth 6: only with orgasm, sex is really good, in spite of all the tips and tricks: the orgasm, it won’t work. this is a problem for the sex life?   “the orgasm unnecessarily elevated”, seikowski. ” we should not confuse the media and porn, but should look only at a few fixed. the couple to decide what the sex needs to follow through. and for many women, it is also, if not always the climax. “a fake orgasm is a sad development unnecessary pressure to make more difficult, not only the experience of climax, but often leads to orgasm vorgetäus cht. and this is a really sad development in the most beautiful sideshow in the world.
“sex is good if he is honest and has enough time. pressure and stress are the passion not good, “said the sex therapist and added:” in a relationship, it must also hold that not every love comes to the final final. and the orgasm alone is ultimately not, but close to, the touch and confidence. “



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