6 Helpful Breakup Sites for Getting Over an Ex

Sometimes, fairytale romances sour. You say things you don’t mean, he grows distant, and suddenly, as quickly as it all started, the string holding your bond together can snap. Ugh.

Breakups happen. To everyone. But when life hands you a breakup, we’re here to hand you some sites to help you sort through the mess your ex left in his wake. Here are a few tools to guide you through the madness—from earning money off old gifts to getting advice on moving on. (Be sure to keep in mind these 5 Healthy Habits To Get You Through a Breakup.)

Never Liked It Anyway
6 Helpful Breakup Sites for Getting Over an Ex

You know that plane ticket you never used for your mutual getaway to Hawaii? What about the pair of earrings he gave you that you pretended to love, but were pretty “meh” on? Sell ’em! Never Liked It Anyway is the site to pawn off your post-split stuff, buy other women’s breakup goods, and share your happily-never-after stories. Basically, it’s just a good—even fun—place to peruse after you call it quits. We all go through it! Why not make the best of it (and maybe earn some dough)?

Texts From Your Ex
6 Helpful Breakup Sites for Getting Over an Ex

Inevitably, your ex is probably going to text you at some point—perhaps after breaking your heart. These are the lovely people who, humorously, got the last word. In “Texts From Your Ex,” check out all the zingers and the ex speak that will totally make you feel less alone in the “Why did I date that guy?” department. You can even submit your own—however, we’re not going to sit here and recommend that… we think?

The Rules Revisited
6 Helpful Breakup Sites for Getting Over an Ex

When you’re ready to get back out there, want to know what to do when your ex tries to touch base, or just generally need a male perspective on what really went wrong, Andrew of The Rules Revisited may be your guy. Kind of like a tough-love big brother, this nearly-anonymous single guy’s blog is basically a one-stop shop for wrapping your brain around what happened and how to move forward—and has developed a bit of a cult following. (He now has a book in the works.) Be prepared: he doesn’t always lace his advice with much sugar. That said, much of Andrew’s insights—especially the posts about separation and splitting up—are solid. Check out his breakup posts first (we loved “Cut Him Off”) and then delve in from there. (And if you’re ready to get back into the dating game, download one of these 5 New Dating Apps Changing the Singles Scene.)

The Breakup Bitch
6 Helpful Breakup Sites for Getting Over an Ex

Site founder Sarah, who has a background in training executives, went through an intense breakup of her own—and realized that, at 38, she wasn’t getting any better at handling the fallout. Convinced she could design “training” for women dealing with breakups, she developed a program for dealing with a split, contained within The Smart Woman’s Breakup Book—which was the product of two years spent researching effective methods for coping with The End. In addition, The Breakup Bitch’s blog has tons of insights into post-breakup problems (why won’t he leave you alone?) to general breakup stories (like, ahem, revenge).

Science of Relationships
6 Helpful Breakup Sites for Getting Over an Ex

Sometimes, you simply want a scientific explanation about what went wrong and how to understand men. Cold hard facts, right? The Science of Relationships is a great source for the latest love-related research. Run by experts in the field, who actually help flesh out study and survey findings to determine what it all means for you, the founders started the project as a counterpoint to all the dating advice on the internet without much weight to back it up. Who better to pick through data for real advice than someone who studies relationships for a living? Check out all the articles on breakups from these bright Ph.Ds. You might just learn how you can stay friends with your ex, or why your latest split made you question everything about your life. Moving on is all about clarity and understanding, yes?

6 Helpful Breakup Sites for Getting Over an Ex

Let’s say, worst-case scenario, you can’t break up with him. Or maybe he doesn’t deserve a face-to-face explanation. Only you know, right? Well, I’m sure you’re wishing there was an app for that. Naturally, there is: BreakupText. Ladies, with a few questions answered and a few finger taps, you can send the ultimate breakup text to do the dirty work for you. Is this possibly a cop-out, a somewhat tongue-in-cheek method for breaking up, and just a little funny? Sure. (Jimmy Fallon even talked about it, guys.) However, we bet you may one day find yourself with a use for it… Possibly now. (Learn proper tech etiquette with these 10 Texting and Online Dating Tips for Tech-Savvy Singles.)

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