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Being a Single Submissive in a Couple's World

When you are a single submissive it can feel like a lonely place. Every kinky place you go it seems like everyone is already in a relationship and there is no room for you.

But that’s not true; being a single submissive can be a special time in your exploration and development.

When you walk into a room full of kinky people as a single person it can seem so overwhelming and depressing as you realize that the multitude have partners already and you are an oddball out. That may not always be the case, but if you look around you, there should be single submissives just like you braving the community.

It is a daunting prospect to mingle with couples who already have someone to experience all the things you are hoping to have one day but that shouldn’t exclude you from being a part of the Charmed Blyss’ Single in the Scene Series on Submissive Guide

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  • Tips and Guidelines for the Free Range Submissive by Mackenzie
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