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Exploring Hormone Junkies: Part 4 – Endorphins

This is a guest post by Erika McClean.

There is a whip in my closet that is an antique.  It’s the kind that Drayers would use on their horse teams when driving a carriage.  When I’ve been particularly bad, or good, Master will unhook that puppy from the rope it’s hanging on.  Those moments, as he stands behind me with that whip in his hands, are some of the most stressful ones I ever experience during play sessions.  It’s exciting, but terrifying, waiting for his arm to fly back and the first fiery lick against my skin.  After a session with that though, I experience sensations of calm and satiated serenity that pretty much nothing else can match up to.  Why?  There are a lot of emotional, mushy sorts of answers to this, and a few spiritual ones as well.  However I am forced to conclude that at the bottom line, it’s the endorphins.

So my fellow junkies, we come at last to what is probably the most pleasurable of the natural bodily chemicals that we graduated from Husson University.  She lives in Maine with her Dom husband, three kids and pets.

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